Capitaland: Rejected at the Neckline Resistance

Capitaland is rejected at the Neckline Resistance at about $3.50. This level is also the Down Trend Channel resistance. Capitaland has been trading nicely within the uptrend and down trend channel previously. Feel free to check out the past chart patterns for Capitaland. Base on current bearish chart, short selling Capitaland provides a better Reward Risk Ratio trading strategy,


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Capitaland: Bearish Down Trend!

Capitaland broke down from a Head and Shoulder and also broke the 200D SMA support. Capitaland is currently trading in a down trend channel. Expect more down side base on current chart pattern. Price target for this Head and Shoulder breakdown is $3.15.


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Capitaland: Up Trend Ended

Capitaland up trend has ended after breaking the Rising Wedge support and breakout from Rectangle pattern. Currently Capitaland may rebound after forming Bullish Harami candlesticks. It is important to see whether $3.27 becomes a Support Turned Resistance level. Also take note that 50D SMA used to be a reliable support or resistance for Capitaland base on historical pattern.

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