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  1. Hi Kenny,

    Thank you for the recent workshop that was conducted with OTCS, it was very informative!
    One question that I did not have the chance to ask, when Price/NAV is below 1, it means that the price value is less than the asset value of what the company owns at the moment, but how is that then that the price is considered over-valued? For example, Fortune REIT, Price to Book is 0.686, but the REIT is at a 10 year high of $8.4 now.
    Appreciate your kind advice, thank you!

  2. Hi Vincent,
    Fortune REIT is not over value. NAV can change year over year base on the property valuation..
    Some of the REITs are always under value but some of the REIT are always over value. We cannot just look at Price/NAV to make decision. It has to be compared to historical high and low.

    Hope it helps.
    By the way I will be explaining this in my class.


  3. Hi Kenny
    Instead of monitoring individual REIT counter, is there a REITS ETF on SGX that we can buy into?
    I am looking more for Mid – Long term gains + dividend yield
    Kindly advice, thanks

  4. @Colin,
    There is no Singapore REIT ETF at the moment.
    SGX may launch Singapore REIT ETF by end of this year.


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