China Fishery – Dropped out from the up trend channel!

China Fishery dropped out from the uptrend channel and broke the 50D MA support line. If  China Fishery stays above $1.263 (61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level) and bounces back from this support, this is considered a healthy correction before continuing the up trend. It looks like a Head & Shoulders is formed too with neckline at around $1.263. If this critical support is broken, it may send the stock down to $1.06 level.

KS Energy – Forming a wedge!

KS Energy is forming a wedge and the volume is dropping. It also broke 20D and 50D MA support levels.  $1.161 is the critical support as it is 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level and also the wedge support. Base on the chart, probability of breaking down from the wedge support is higher than breaking the resistance of the wedge (which KS Energy has tried 4 times). The current level is not the entry point for me.

FRE & FNM – Broke the critical support level!

FRE & FNM broke the critical support level (61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level) after a KBW analyst downgraded the two to the firm’s lowest rating, cut price targets on both stocks to zero from $1. KBW said their common and preferred shares would be “worthless” given the nearly $100 billion they will continue to owe the government, even if recapitalized. FRE broke the critical support level of $1.705 and FNM broke $1.483 support level. Both stocks are below the 20D & 50D MA, all other technical indicators show bearish convergence.

I sold all my stocks to take profit after sighting a bearish convergence signal. I plan to buy back at a lower price when the down trend ends. I think the US government will continue to run the companies, and the companies will not go bankrupt. However, the value of their common and preferred equity will probably be re-capitalized. Thus, buying at a very low price limits the downside risk.