Boeing (BA): Rejected at 200D SMA

Technical Analysis: 

Rejected at 200D SMA with bearish engulfing candlestick reversal pattern. Expect to move in bearish direction to the next support of $120. Medium term range bound between $120 and $130.

BA Sept1-2014

Fundamental Analysis:

BA Fundamental Sept1-2014Trade Setup

  • Strategy: Short Term Directional Bearish Trade.
  • Target: $120
  • Short Call Spread BA 125/130 Oct 2014 (2 contracts)
  • Max gain @ expiration $536
  • Max loss @ expiration $464
  • B/E @ expiration $127.65
  • Reward vs Risk (RoC) = 1.15
  • Probability OTM (short leg) = 43.69%
  • Profit target = $364 (at $120 support)
  • Exit Conditions:
    • When there is a trend reversal at the support ($120)
    • Break $130 resistance.
    • Reach 80% of Max Profit (ie. $429)

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Capitaland: Dead Cat Bounce Finished?

Capitaland was rejected at 50D SMA resistance with a Doji Bearish Engulfing. This resistance ($2.93) is the previous support turned resistance and also the Down Trend Channel Resistance. It looks like Capitaland will continue the down trend from here onwards. Technically Capitaland is on the down trend when 20D, 50D and 200D are all sloping down.

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