Wheat: Bottoms Up and Trend Reversing?

Wheat looks like have found a bottom between 390-400 after forming a Multiple Bottom, a trend reversal pattern.

Currently Wheat is trading within an up trend channel, and also forming a “Higher High, Higher Low” up trend pattern. Expect Wheat continue to move up to 1.618% Fibonacci Expansion target of about 511.6.

Yummy on the Potential Upside vs Down Side Risk. Attractive Reward Risk Ratio!

In order to confirm a long term trend reversal, Wheat has to break the 600 resistance.

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Good News in Singapore if you are Holding Aussie Dollar

AUD / SGD has started an up trend after finding a bottom at 0.98282. There are a lot of rooms for AUD to move up against SGD.

  • Good news if you are holding Aussie Dollar.
  • Good news if you are holding any investment in Australia.
  • Bad news if you have children study in Australia.
  • Bad news if you want to travel to Australia for holiday.


The AUD/SGD trend reversal may be telling something:

  • Commodity has bottomed up
  • China economy has bottomed up and recovering. China Manufacturing PMI is on expansion mode now and the trend is up.


source: tradingeconomics.com

Summary: Opportunities for investment if you know how to spot them!


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