Copper: Inverted Head & Shoulder

Copper is forming an Inverted Head and Shoulder, a trend reversal pattern, with neckline at about 2.13. Keep a close watch on the breakout with price target of 2.46 (the next Support turned Resistance).

Copper Mar1-2016

Long term Copper has formed a Hammer on monthly candle at 2.00 support. Copper looks like have found a bottom.

Copper LT Mar1-2016

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Copper ETF for long term investing are:

  • JJC
  • CPER
  • CUPM

Note: Check the Bid Ask Spread before deciding which ETF to invest. The spread may be very wide for certain ETF due to low liquidity.

JJC Mar1-2016CPER Mar1-2016 CUPM Mar1-2016

Note: Copper price is a leading indicator of manufacturing activity as this metal is widely used in electronics devices due to its conductivity of electricity. See Cooper applications here.

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Yanlord: Rejected by Tough Resistance

Yanlord was rejected by a tough resistance at about $1.05. This $1.05 is the previous support turned resistance level (shaded in blue). At the same time, this resistance coincides with the declining 200D SMA which was the reliable resistance (shaded in orange) in past few occasions. Currently Yanlord has shown 2 Dragon Fly Doji, so wait for the confirmation of reversal pattern.

Yanlord Sept11-2015

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