China Zaino – another S-chip stock is swinging in the channel!

Spotted another S-chip stock China Zaino besides Synear and China Hongxing. The patterns for these three stocks are very similar (had breakout and swing inside the up trend channel). China Zaino’s fundamental is pretty solid and can be kept as value investment. My strategy for this stock is to buy some for long term investment and some for short term momentum investment. Target entry point is $0.28 and exit point is $0.335 (about 20% profit target).  Next strong support is $0.27 (61.8% Finonacci Retracement level).

China HongXing – Swinging in the channel?

China HongXing demonstrated a similar trend like Synear. Today the stock closed at $0.25 with a gravestone doji (end of the short term up trend) where the bear tried to push the price back to the channel. If the stock price returns to the channel and starts the retracement,  I will target to enter the trade at $0.21 and exit at $0.26 with a profit target of 24% within a two weeks trade.

My swing trading plan for Synear

Finally see sign of retracement of Synear after the stock price closed at $0.34 today with a black candle. My timing was perfect in the last cycle when I bought Synear at $0.275 and sold at $0.34, making a handsome 21% profit in 6 days!

I predict the stock price will retrace back to $0.30 stay and inside the channel. My next swing trading plan is to enter the trade at $0.30 and exit at $0.36 with profit target of 20%. Wish my prediction comes true!