WOW! I have my own investing 10 commandments now! :)

  1. I am 100% responsible for my own decision. I have to digest those information or data for whatever tips, information, recommendation given by anyone, do my own analysis and make my own conclusion.
  2. I need to filter noises in the market. Need to differentiate facts and rumors.
  3. Be disciplined in my investment plan and investing strategy. Don’t get influenced easily by others.
  4. Learn from others and never stop learning.
  5. Don’t be hero in the market. I can never beat the market.
  6. Be firm when it is time to get out of the position and cut loses. (this is quite tough to me for the time being but I have made some good progress)
  7. Endure, endure, and endure! Wait for the right time to buy. (Now I start to understand what the trainer taught me: the toughest thing to do is to wait!)
  8. Invest what I can afford to lose.
  9. Don’t put all eggs into my basket. Diversify my portfolio but don’t over diversify.
  10. Don’t be greedy!

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