Copper: Inverted Head & Shoulder

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Copper is forming an Inverted Head and Shoulder, a trend reversal pattern, with neckline at about 2.13. Keep a close watch on the breakout with price target of 2.46 (the next Support turned Resistance).

Copper Mar1-2016

Long term Copper has formed a Hammer on monthly candle at 2.00 support. Copper looks like have found a bottom.

Copper LT Mar1-2016

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Copper ETF for long term investing are:

  • JJC
  • CPER
  • CUPM

Note: Check the Bid Ask Spread before deciding which ETF to invest. The spread may be very wide for certain ETF due to low liquidity.

JJC Mar1-2016CPER Mar1-2016 CUPM Mar1-2016

Note: Copper price is a leading indicator of manufacturing activity as this metal is widely used in electronics devices due to its conductivity of electricity. See Cooper applications here.

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Copper: Hammer!

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Copper has formed a Hammer at the support on daily chart. This is a potential reversal pattern for short term trade. Copper may be forming a Double Bottoms chart pattern after the recent down trend.

Copper LT Sept30-2015Copper Sept30-2015

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