Singapore REIT (Hospitality Sector): Watch for turnaround play

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Singapore REIT (Hospitality Sector) is one of the under value sector base on Price/NAV.

The distribution yield for Far East H Trust, Ascott REIT, OUE HTrust, Frasers HT, CDL HT and Ascendas HT are all more than 6%.

Look out for turnaround leading indicators when this sector is in rotation again which give a very good upside potential.


Bubble chart derived from April 8, 2017 Singapore REITs Fundamental Comparison Table.

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Singapore REIT – Hospitality Sector Comparison

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Currently Hospitality Sector looks very attractive in terms of valuation and distribution. Below is the comparison table for Singapore REIT Hospitality Sector. However, most Singapore Hospitality Trusts are still trading on a down trend. Look out for turn around signs and leading economic indicators to accumulate. Click here to find out How to Invest in Singapore REIT.

Singapore REIT Hospitality Sector Aug-2016Price NAV Range Chart Hospitality Sector Aug-2016

Ascendas hTrust Chart Ascott REIT Chart CDL HTrust Chart FarEast HTrust Chart Frasers HTrust Chart OUE HTrust Chart

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