Singapore REIT Black Monday Crash!

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A historical crash event observed in Singapore REITs today! This crash was caused by another emergency interest rate cut of 100 bps by US Fed together with $700 Billion Quantitative Easing. The US interest rate now is 0-0.25%. The market interprets this as a very negative news because US Fed can’t even wait until Mar 18 after the FOMC meeting to make the rate cut announcement.


FTSE ST REIT Index drop 10.11% today.


Support & Resistance for FTSE ST REIT Index.


Blood bath Black Monday in Singapore REITs!


The valuation is Crazily Cheap! The sell off does not make any sense and the most probable explanation is Forced Selling due to Margin Calls.


If you are panicking or have great concerns on your current investment portfolio, it is advisable to seek independent professional’s help (advisory fee applied) to review your current financial situation and investment before next course of action (continue to hold, sell all, sell some, buy some, buy more, do nothing, don’t know when to sell, don’t know when to buy, what to buy, what to sell, etc). You may contact if you need any advice.


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