Dapai: Is the Bull Coming?

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Dapai has a spike in trading volume today and break the 200D MA resistance, down trend resistance and 61.8% Fibonacci Resistance. Dapai may start an uptrend if the stock stays above $0.235, a very reliable resistance turned support level.

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Dapai: Forming A Falling Wedge

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Dapai has broken the 52 weeks resistance of $0.21.  Currently Dapai is testing the $0.19 (38.2% Fibonacci Retracement Support) and seems forming a Falling Wedge. Stochastic and RSI shows Dapai is oversold.

Also take note that current Dapai chart is bearish as stock price is trading below 20D, 50D and 200D MA. However, Dapai is super under value base on fundamental analysis. The below factors you need to consider if you are interested in Dapai:

  • Dapai is for long term investment base on fundamental. Not for short term trading.
  • Dapai is super under value base on intrinsic value calculation.
  • You need patient for Dapai.
  • When people is fearful, you should be greedy and vice versa. – Warren Buffet

I hope my comments are able to help the readers answer your own questions should you trade or invest in Dapai International. Every investor or trader have different objective and holding period, you need to have your strategy and know what you are doing.  As I am INVESTING in Dapai, the current down trend does not bother me because I am looking for opportunity to buy more. Of course I am monitoring the company business closely before committing more capital into it.

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