Top 5 Highest Dividend Yield for Singapore REIT

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Gold TOP five.

High Distribution Yield always come with risk, find out the analysis on how to identify Risk Factors for Singapore REIT here.


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Sabana REIT: Under Value and 8.4% Distribution Yield. Must Buy??

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Sabana REIT Fundamental Analysis (Base on April 20 Quarterly Earning)

  • Last Done Price = $0.86
  • NAV = $1.04
  • Price /  NAV = 0.827 (17.3% Discount)
  • Price /  NAV (High) = 1.25
  • Price /  NAV (Low) = 0.81
  • Distribution Yield = 8.395%
  • Gearing Ratio = 38%
  • WALE = 2.2 Years
  • WADB = 2.8 Years

Sabana REIT DPU Performance June18-2015 Sabana REIT Tenant Diversification June18-2015 Sabana REIT WADM June18-2015 Sabana REIT WALE June18-2015


Sabana REIT Technical Analysis

Sabana REIT is currently on down trend but may be finding a support at the historical low price. Looks for the bottoming up chart pattern when the down trend stops.

Sabana REIT June18-2015


Sabana REIT is undervalue and have high distribution yield. The stock price is also at the historical low. It may look attractive if just purely base on the number but one must understand what are the risk factors behind the numbers. However, the upside potential is very high if Sabana REIT can overcome all those risks. Look out for those improvement signs before jumping in.

Find out how to conduct Fundamental Analysis of Singapore REIT using Quantitative and Qualitative methods, combining with Simple Technical Analysis to improve your Investment Decision.

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Sabana REIT Fundamental & Technical Analysis

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Sabana REIT is currently trading in a down trend channel and it is on a clear down trend.

Sabana REIT Oct21-2014


Fundamental Analysis of Sabana REIT:

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