Sinomem Fundamental Analysis and Chart Pattern

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Sinomem Fundamental Analysis

  • Current Price = $0.485
  • IPO Price = $0.44
  • Current NAV = $0.534
  • Current PE = 10.5
  • Rolling PE = 7.2
  • Dividend Yield = 2.06%
  • FY09 Net Profit Margin = 17.7%
  • FY09 ROA = 6.6%
  • FY09 ROE = 9.2%
  • FY09 Current Ratio = 2.16
  • FY09 Debt to Equity = 0.13

Sinomem Current Chart Pattern

 Sinomem is currently forming a Descending Triangle with a very strong support at $0.47 (which is also a 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Support). Breaking below this support level will give a very bearish chart pattern for Sinomem. However, breaking out from this Descending Triangle will send Sinomem to minimum price target of $0.72. Base on current PE ratio, this stock is not over value.

Base on Fundamental & Chart Pattern Analysis, Sinomem is not for long term value investing but good for short term trading when breakout. This analysis base on my own stock selection criteria.

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Sinomem: Forming a Falling Wedge

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Sinomem is forming a Falling Wedge and has a risk of breaking down after falling to break the 50D MA resistance (area shaded in green). Critical support at $0.472 which is the wedge support and also 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level.

  • Breaking this support will send Sinomem down to $0.223 (also 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement Level).
  • Upside kept at about $0.581, which is the falling wedge’s resistance and also 78.6% FR level.

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