Singapore Stocks with High PE Ratio to Short!!

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The selling off is bloody.. the US GDP and Job Data are lousy!

China last PMI shows China’s economy is contracting.

Debts in Europe and US are still not solved yet…. only prolong the pain …

For those who know how to short in the bearish market, they will make a lot of money if they know how to short. I am searching for stocks with high PE ratio to short because it has more downside potential (YES! I use downside “potential” now instead of downside risk”). Feel free to contribute your shorting list here…

My Shorting Watchlist

  • Singapore Exchange (SGX): PE = 25.8 @$7.13
  • Straits Asia Resources (SAR) PE = 26.4 @$2.64
  • Hyflux PE = 18.3 @ $1.885
  • Q&M Dental PE = 55.3 @$0.81
  • Wilmar PE = 21.1 @$5.62
  • CapitaMall PE = 21.6 @$1.83
  • DBS PE = 20.9 @$14.54
  • Genting Singapore Rolling PE = 29.5 @$1.79
  • Goodpack PE = 19.1 @$1.815


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Straits Asia Resources (SAR): Sayonara Uptrend?

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SAR has reached the top and looks like reversing the uptrend and also break the usually reliable 20D and 50D MA support.

  • Immediate support is $2.89, breaking this support may send SAR to $2.65 which is the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level and also the 200D MA.
  • Immediate resistance is $3.00 which is the psychological resistance and also the 20D/50D MA.


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Straits Asia Resources: Where is the Direction?

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Straits Asia Resources (SAR) failed to break the previous uptrend support turned resistance (green line) and also break down from the recent uptrend channel support (blue). Currently SAR is just sitting above the 50D MA support.

Is SAR starting a correction after a 5 months mini bull run? Level to watch:

  • Uptrend support turned resistance and 20D MA resistance at about $3.03.
  • 78.6% Fibonacci Support and 50D MA support at about $2.89.
  • 100D MA support at about $2.70.

The volatility of SAR stock price represents a good stock for short term trade in either direction.

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