Suntec REIT Fundamental & Technical Analysis

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Suntec REIT April 2017

Suntec REIT Fundamental Analysis

  • Last Done Price = $1.85
  • Market Cap = $4.7 B
  • NAV = $2.12
  • Price /  NAV = 0.87 (13% Discount)
  • Price /  NAV (High)= 0.97
  • Price /  NAV (Low) = 0.73
  • Distribution Yield (TTM) = 5.44%
  • Gearing Ratio = 37.7%
  • WALE (Retail) = 2.27 Years
  • WALE (Office) = 4.02 Years
  • WADM = 2.56 Years
  • Occupancy Rate (Retail)  = 98.0%
  • Occupancy Rate (Office)  = 98.9%
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Suntec REIT Stock Chart & Technical Analysis

Suntec REIT is s currently trading in an uptrend channel but will be reaching the previous high of $2.00 soon.


Singapore REITs Office Sector Comparison

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Suntec REIT Fundamental and Technical Analysis

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Suntec REIT Fundamental Analysis

Base on Suntec REIT Q1FY15 Quarterly Earning Presentation

  • Last Price = $1.75
  • NAV = $2.085
  • Price / NAV = 0.8393
  • Price / NAV (High) = 0.97
  • Price / NAV (Low) = 0.73
  • Distribution Yield = 5.168%
  • Gearing Ratio = 34.8%
  • Occupancy Rate (Office) = 99.6%
  • Occupancy Rate (Retail) = 93.5%
  • Overall Occupancy = 93.6%
  • WADM = 3.39 Years

Suntec REIT DPU History June12-2015 Suntec REIT Office Lease June12-2015 Suntec REIT Retail Lease June12-2015 Suntec REIT WADM June10-2015

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Suntec REIT Technical Analysis

Suntec REIT has dropped about 13% from the peak in Jan 2015 and currently testing a critical resistance turned support level at about $1.74. Can Suntec REIT go lower?

Technically YES!

  • Suntec REIT is trading below 20D, 50D and 200D SMA. 20D and 50D are trending down. These are bearish signal.
  • Suntec REIT is trading within a down trend channel. “Lower Low, Lower High” down trend pattern is formed.
  • If this resistance turned support at $1.74 is broken, there will be more down side.

2015June12 SuntecReit-800x600

In Summary

Fundamentally the distribution yield of 5.17% gives me no excitement. There are other Singapore REIT can offer higher distribution yield than Suntec REIT. WALE are not so attractive because there are 25% lease will be expiring in 2016. There is no guarantee that the rental can be renewed at higher rate due to the weakness in global economy. Technically Suntec REIT is on down trend although finding a temporary support at $1.74 (take note that a Double Bottoms is formed, a potential reversal pattern). As an investment rule: NEVER buy when the stock is on down trend.

I will be covering all the Fundamental and Technical Analysis steps in the coming REIT class. Check out the detail HERE. Invest safely and protect your capital! You must know what you are doing and do your own homework instead of listening to the tips.

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Singapore REITs Mini Sell Off. What is Going On?

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As we are getting nearer to June where US Fed may increase the interest rate, we have to keep a close eye to what is going on for Singapore REITs. Quite a number of Singapore REITs sold off recently as seems from the table below. Top 3 biggest losers are Suntec REIT, Mapletree Commercial Trust and Capitaland Commercial Trust. All these 3 REITs are Office related. Is it a coincidence or some big guys are offloading quietly?

May 8 REIT Performance1May 8 REIT Performance2 Singapore-REIT-Fundamental-Analysis-and-Comparison-Table-9-May-2015

Compare to previous Singapore REITs Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table here.

Technically Suntec REIT is already in bearish territory and starting a down trend. Mapletree Commercial Trust and Capitaland Commercial Trust are just sitting on the uptrend support. If these up trend support is broken, a bad sign for Office REIT. Disregard on what other analysts and newspapers say, the stock chart and share price will tell you the true story. Is this the opportunity to buy on dip or buy for distribution yield of Singapore REIT for long term investing? you have to know what you are doing and make sure you understand the risks.

2015May8 SuntecReit-800x600Mapletreecom REIT May8-20152015May8-CapitaComm-800x600

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