Top 5 Highest Dividend Yield for Singapore REIT

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Gold TOP five.

High Distribution Yield always come with risk, find out the analysis on how to identify Risk Factors for Singapore REIT here.


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VIVA Industrial Trust Fundamental and Technical Analysis

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VIVA Industrial Trust Fundamental Analysis on July 24, 2015.

  • Last Done Price = $0.735
  • Market Cap = $515 M
  • NAV = $0.83
  • Price /  NAV = 0.8855 (11% Discount)
  • Price /  NAV (High) = 1.08
  • Price /  NAV (Low) = 0.89
  • Distribution Yield = 10.09%
  • Gearing Ratio = 38.9%
  • WADM = 2.2 Years
  • WALE = 3.3 Years
  • Occupancy Rate = 80%

VIVA Industrial Trust IPO Prospectus

Viva Industrial Trust Portfolio Sept23-2015Viva Industrial Trust DPU Trend Sept23-2015Viva Industrial Trust Sector Diversification Sept23-2015 Viva Industrial Trust Tenant Mix Sept23-2015Viva Industrial Trust WADM Sept23-2015 Viva Industrial Trust WALE Sept23-2015

VIVA Industrial Trust Technical Analysis & Stock Chart

Viva Industrial Trust Stock Chart Sept23-2015

VIVA Industrial Trust has broken the 200D SMA support and currently in on the down trend.

Although the 10% yield looks very attractive and the trust is undervalue, be extremely careful on the current economic outlook and the income support scheme because the dividend may not be sustainable.

Singapore PMI Sept23-2015Singapore GDP Growth Rate Sept23-2015

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