MISERY Explained!

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I am BACK and this is my REBORN home!

Some of you wrote to me asking why the website disappeared for about one month, some of you asked why they can’t find the previous posts from Jan to April, some of you thought that I quitted this blog for good. In order to answer this misery once and for all, I have decided to take this opportunity to write a post to update everyone on what has happened to my blog recently.

It had been a very frustrating 3 weeks that I was unable to post any stocks analysis on my blog due to the website server down. The server rack was burnt and the hosting company needed a few days (I was told) to get the rack replaced and get all the data restored. However, the company took more time than expected to get it fixed.  What made me mad was how they kept de-committing what they had promised. They slipped their original promised date a few times, from 3 days to 7 days, no news again after 7 days passed and what I could do was just keep waiting and waiting.

The worst nightmare finally came! After day 14th, the owner of the hosting company was un-contactable through email and phone. I was really in big shock as I did not back up any data because the company had promised 99% up time when I first signed up the web hosting service. (Lessons Learnt: Never trust anyone on any promise including your teacher! Don’t need to blame anyone but yourself because you trust that person!)

I can’t do anything for whatever has already happened. What I can do is to switch to another more reliable hosting company and start all over again. Unfortunately all the analysis between Jan 1st to April 30th was all gone. That’s the reason you will not find any links (404 error) or posts during these periods.  The website is finally up and thanks to some of you to volunteer your helps to get this website up and running again.  Otherwise I would have to call it quit as it just took me too much effort to post so much valuable information to my blog. It is what it is, and I can’t change what has already happened. What I can do is to look ahead on what I can do to keep this website running smoothly (hopefully) in future. The only way is to look for a much more reliable web hosting server and pay a higher price for the service. Nothing is free in this world, I pay peanut and I get a monkey’s service. That was my choice and I received the consequences, I had only myself to blame.

As the website is running as FREE website (I am not running this website as a business, this is just my part time interest), I have to keep the website maintenance cost as manageable as possible. I hope all the loyal readers, who find the information & analysis useful and beneficial in your stock trading, help to sponsor this website and keep it running (if you still find it is useful but not reading a bunch of rubbish). As tokens of appreciation, I have compiled << Candlesticks Reversal Patterns >>and << Breakout Patterns Quick Reference Guides >> for you to download after your kind sponsoring. You can find those common candlestick reversal patterns, e.g. morning star, evening star, shooting star, bullish engulfing in the << Candlesticks Reversal Pattern Quick Reference Guide >>.Similarly you can find common chart patterns (with price target after the breakout) like Elliot Wave, Head & Shoulders, Ascending Triangle, Falling Wedge, Double Tops, Triple Bottoms, Parabolic Curve, etc in the << Breakout Patterns Quick Reference Guide >>.Print these patterns out in a hard copy for easy reference and you will find it very useful in your stock trading because you are able to predict the future stock price movement and improve your profit by better timing your entry and exit points.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Happy and Safe Investing!


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