Stock Investment Tips for Beginners

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Guest Writer: Jessica Carolin

Stock trading and investment is a public unit that offers shares of company at a considerably good price to value in the market terms. Stock trading is more advantageous and does not call for excess money to begin with. Before getting started with the stock market trading it is important to get stabilized with more guidance from an expert or a professional consultants dealing with investment and stock market over time.

Investment starts with good understanding of the ways to make money effectively, but why is investment more dangerous at times? There are many situations that get you struck with investment loss and fall of the market values that affect your profit. Understanding the fundamental concepts on investing money and timely investment factors is more essential to handle situation safe earning considerable amount of money.
Here are some queries that one must get cleared off at the beginning stage

  • Basics of stocks and shares,
  • How to invest money?
  • Which is the right time to invest?
  • Market capitalization,
  • Choosing a good broker,
  • Effective market theory,
  • Stock investment strategies, etc…

There are 2 methods in investment technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis refers to the price and volume, forecasting the futurity of stock price and financial status with the movements of stock market value. Where as the fundamental analysis is completely a study on the academic knowledge that depends on stock valuation method based on the economic and financial analysis predicting the stock price. Stock brokers help in the financial transactions acting as a financial agent to their clients.
Getting started with stock investment

  • Once you understand the working of investment you need to analyze which is the best time and way to invest money. Set a goal on investment i.e. short term and long term goal and work accordingly to hit the goal on time.


  • Learn more on the upcoming news and events on investment understanding the present investment state and different stocks available. Next step is to decide upon the stock which is more suitable to you.


  • Make a clear move on how much you can afford and get to know the money management techniques. Workout on the time that is perfect to invest money and make sure you don’t require the money over time. Money investment has various options as they depend upon the amount and the time duration of investment. The investment plan that is said to be the best among various options is the three pile system.

Once you have acquired the complete knowledge on the investment strategies you can opt for a discount brokerage to buy stocks that can be saved on commissions. The returns from the investment also depends on the risk taken, where the more risk you take the more gains you enjoy.

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