Is Buying a Refurbished Smartphone a Smart Move for Your Wallet?

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Smartphones have become a big part of our daily lives. We use it to stay in touch with our loved ones,
browse the internet, play mobile games, and even shop online. However, smartphones aren’t cheap. A
lot of the latest models can cost up to thousands of dollars, which is beyond the budgets of many
Singaporeans. Fortunately, you can still find plenty of cheap mobile phones in Singapore that come in
excellent condition.

When searching for an affordable smartphone, you’ll come across a variety of types. You have the
brand-new, inexpensive models that you can get from tech stores, but they might not have enough
storage space or RAM to run the best apps. You also have second-hand options, but pre-owned gadgets
typically don’t come with warranties and aren’t covered by any returns and exchange policies. They may
also come with problems second-hand sellers aren’t willing to disclose. But have you ever considered
getting a refurbished smartphone?

Refurbished smartphones are devices that have been previously owned and used. What makes them
different from second-hand gadgets, however, is that they’ve undergone a thorough inspection, repair,
and cleaning process. With this extra layer of care, refurbished smartphones look, feel, and work like
brand-new. Here are additional reasons why you should consider getting a refurbished device instead of
spending money on a brand-new phone.

It’s Still More Affordable Than Buying Brand-New
Refurbished smartphones are typically priced considerably lower than their brand-new counterparts. As
such, they make excellent options if you want to achieve significant savings without sacrificing quality.
As mentioned earlier, these devices are previously owned. However, they undergo a rigorous
refurbishment process to ensure that they’re in excellent working condition. During this process,
refurbished phones are thoroughly tested to ensure that they perform like new. If faulty components
are detected, they’re immediately replaced. The result is a smartphone that not only costs less but also
has a high level of reliability and functionality.

It Typically Comes with a Warranty and Return Policy
One of the concerns when buying pre-owned electronics is the absence of warranties and guarantees.
Many second-hand gadgets don’t come with these types of protection because they aren’t checked by
the vendor. Conversely, if you choose a refurbished smartphone, you can often enjoy the peace of mind
that comes with a warranty.

Many reputable sellers in Singapore offer warranties on their refurbished phones. These warranties
cover any potential issues that may arise after purchase, ensuring that you are protected in case of
unexpected problems. Additionally, refurbished smartphones often come with a return or replacement
policy. If you’re unsatisfied with the device or encounter any issues within a specified period, you can
return it for a replacement or refund. Make sure to read what’s included in the warranty before
purchasing a refurbished smartphone. This ensures that your gadget is getting the best protection.

It’s Often Unlocked for Greater Freedom and Flexibility

Refurbished smartphones are often sold unlocked. When a phone is unlocked, it means that it’s not tied
to a specific carrier or network. As such, refurbished smartphones can be paired with various mobile
service providers. Thanks to this flexibility, you can choose a mobile carrier and plan that best suits your
needs and budget.

It Uses Up-to-Date Software
Staying up-to-date with the latest software and security is crucial for a seamless smartphone experience.
Thankfully, refurbished smartphones excel in this regard. These devices come with the latest operating
system and software updates to ensure that you have access to the most current features and security
enhancements. As such, you can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge software without the premium price
tag associated with brand-new models.

You Get to Choose from a Good Selection of Old and New Models
Refurbished smartphones come in a diverse selection of models, including refurbished flagship gadgets.
Whether you’re looking for an older unit that fits your budget or a more advanced device that comes
with the latest features, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in the refurbished market. This wide range of
options allows you to select a smartphone that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.

You’re Lowering Your Environmental Impact
Choosing a refurbished smartphone also makes sense from an eco-friendly perspective. The
refurbishment process gives a second life to devices that might otherwise end up in landfills and
contribute to electronic waste. The process often involves recycling and reusing components, reducing
the demand for new resources required to manufacture brand-new devices. Thus, when you purchase a
refurbished smartphone, you’re actively participating in reducing electronic waste.

If you’re still wondering if buying a refurbished smartphone is a good idea, the answer to that question
is yes. A refurbished smartphone is an excellent option if you’re looking for a practical gadget that
doesn’t break the bank. The biggest advantage you’ll have when buying a refurbished smartphone is the
added layer of quality of control it comes with. Because of this, it’s almost as if you’re buying a brand-
new model without paying full price.

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Short Term Stock Trading – Tips for Turning a Profit!

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Luis Aureliano

Short term trading has become an incredibly hot topic among investors as of late, and for good reason. The reality is that short term trading can be an incredibly profitable endeavor. However, as with any other form of investing, it can also be a bit risky. With that said, today, we’ll go over the pros and cons associated with this short term trading and provide a few tips that will help you become a more successful trader.

Pros & Cons

As with anything else in life, trading comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here are some of the most important pros and cons to take into account when making your decision if short-term trading is for you


  • High Returns – Short term trading vehicles tend to come with incredibly high returns. Even day trading vehicles with normal returns will generally yield higher returns than traditional investing methods because returns are realized on a daily basis.
  • Exciting Trading Environment – In most investment vehicles, the slow pace can make things rather boring. However, because of the fast pace associated with Short term trading, the process is relatively exciting.
  • Compounding Gains – With traditional investment vehicles, gains are realized over a long period of time. However, because Short term leads to daily gains, the amount of money you can make over time as these gains compound is incredibly large.


  • High Risk – When Short term trading, you’re essentially making short term predictions with regard to what’s likely to happen in the market. Because long term predictions have a higher probability of being correct, short term trading can be relatively risky.
  • Time Investment – Traders need to find new trades each and every day or so. This requires quite a bit of time.

Tips To Help You Become Successful

As mentioned above, Short term trading can be incredibly profitable. However, to make it profitable, it’s important that you trade the right way. Here are a few tips to help you become a successful…..

  • Pay Attention To The News – If you’ve invested in any way, chances are that you know the importance of the trading with the news. The bottom line is that the news moves the market. Any time there is positive news released about a publicly traded company or any other asset for that matter, the asset’s value is likely to climb. Adversely, negative news will lead to negative moves. So, by watching the news, chances are that you will be able to pick up on trends that will lead to profits!
  • Learn About Technical Analysis – In the world of investing, there are several different types of analysis. However, they all fall into one of two buckets, either technical or fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is the type of analysis that shows what to expect in the short term. Because we are interested in the short term process, it’s a great idea to do your research and learn everything you can about technical analysis and how it can help you become a more successful trader.
  • Create A Strong Trading Plan – No matter what you want to do in life, chances are that you will be more successful with a plan. So, before you get started, it’s a good idea to create a trading plan. Your plan should include strategies for expanding profits, loss exposure strategies, stop loss and stop gain limits, and anything else you can come up with that will help to guide your trading process.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, short term trading can be an incredibly profitable process. By doing your research and taking advantage of the tips above, you’ll likely find that the concept of day trading is a great way to make your money grow!


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An introduction to the workings of the Stock Market

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Author: Conor Doherty

If you have a pension or investment ISA, it is likely that you have shares in a company.

Shares are portions of a company owned by investors when a business lists or goes public on the stock market.

The price of a share is set by the value of the company and the amount of stock available, this goes up and down depending on confidence and performance of the business.

Once you have a share in a company, you then become a shareholder, which in some cases means you can have a say on its decisions depending how much stock you own.

More adventurous investors can trade in price movements through spread betting or contracts for difference.


Why invest in shares?

The main reason for buying shares is to make money from the company growing or from the dividends or payments that investors receive from annual profits.

Another benefit of dividends is that investors can reinvest them and boost their returns without having to commit any new money.

If a share price rises, your investment value will increase, but it will also fall if the price drops.

A share is different to a savings account or bond as there is no guarantee of the return you will get and you could lose money if a company does badly or collapses.


How much does share dealing cost?

The amount you pay for a share is determined by its price, the risk, and the broker or platform you are using.

Platforms can charge as little as £2.50 per trade but some will have annual account fees.

There is also Stamp Duty of 0.5 per cent to pay on share purchases.

Shares prices can sometimes fall below 1p, which sounds cheap but can be a warning sign that a company is doing badly.


What makes prices change?

Share prices are dictated by confidence and profits. If investors think a company is doing well or is set to improve, you will happily put money in, pushing the price up.

But it will go down if confidence is low.

Company shares can also be dragged up or down by the rest of the stock market or the sector they work in

The key is to time your investment right so you don’t put money in at the wrong time and try to spot decent shares before others while the price is low.

Cheap shares can be a buying opportunity, but you need to be sure the price won’t fall further.

This is why it is important to research companies before investing.


How do you value a company?

It is hard to predict the future, but there are pieces of company information that will indicate its financial health.

Its most recent profits will show how well a company is doing. Also, check the balance sheet for its assets and liabilities as this shows how much money is coming in and out and how much debt there is.

Another method is to compare a company’s share price with its competitors and assess how valuable it is.

This can be done using the price-to-earnings ratio, which compares the share price with the amount of profits it makes per share.

For example, a company with a P/E of five is valued lower than one with 20. This may mean it has poor prospects or that it is being overlooked.


How to choose a stockbroker?

You can trade shares or Forex through a broker or trading platform. Prices vary depending on how often you want to trade and the type of account you want as well as the assets you want to access.

Some will let you just do it yourself, while others will provide guidance and discretionary portfolios for an extra charge.

You can check the permissions of your broker and platform on the Financial Conduct Authority website.

Shares are not for everyone and you have to be prepared for good and bad times.

You won’t necessarily get rich straight away, but you will get the best out of your portfolio by making well-informed decisions and keeping your dealing costs down.

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