SPDR Gold (GLD): Break DescendingTriangle Support!

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Expect another round of selling of GLD after this Gold ETF broke the $130 support. Price target for this Descending Triangle breakdown is minimum $117. With the help of Fibonacci Fan, GLD may reach this target by Aug 14, 2013.

GLD June22-2013

Current trade setup to short GLD using Vertical Spread.

  • Strategy: Long Vertical Put Spread
  • STO GLD Aug13 120 Put
  • BTO GLD Aug13 125 Put
  • Breakeven @ Expiry date on Aug16, 2013 = $123.22
  • Maximum Profit = $323
  • Maximum Loss = $177
  • Reward / Risk = 1.82
  • Cut Loss = GLD goes above $130

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Citigroup (C): Buy on Dip?

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Citigroup retraced and found support at the uptrend channel support (also the 61.8% FR) at about $42.23. The stock is still trading in an uptrend. If there is no earning surprises on April 15, 2013, C should continue the uptrend. The next immediate resistance is $47.68. 161.8% Fibonacci Target is $56.16.

C Apr12-2013

Option Trade

  • Strategy: Long Vertical Call Spread (Bullish Trade)
  • Short C May13 45 Call, Long C May13 41 Call
  • Entry Price = $43.44
  • Breakeven Price = $43.43
  • Max Profit = $624
  • Max Loss = $976
  • Reward vs Risk = 64%

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A Guide To Stock Trading System

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Guest Post

A great way to help you get started in buying and selling on the markets is to use a Stock trading system. You can obtain this by using a free download or by paying to use a more advanced system. The clever software can help you make educated moves on the markets as they use trend predictions. There are many available products and here are a few tips to help you select a good one.

Make sure that you make use of the Internet to find out all about a program. Do not simply read the website pages, search on forums for client reactions. And it pays to find out all about how the markets and systems operate. The Internet has lots of free tutorials to read or watch.

Most of this is available for free without having to sign up for anything. Take time to get a good understanding on all the details before you begin to trade. This is a risky way to make money, especially if you are uninformed. If a system provider tells you that they will guarantee to make you money then walk away as there is always a risk involved. When you look at the package you are interested in make sure it comes with plenty of tools and information. Having updates on the current market trends in the forms of graphs can be a great way to help you learn how the system operates.

Check that the customer service is excellent and provides various ways to get in touch with an advisor. Contact them through one of the methods which can help you get a good feel for a company. The best ones will allow you to contact them through online chatting as well as through their twenty four hour manned telephone lines.

A great way to help you progress from being interested to giving the markets a go is by taking full advantage of the free account trial. You are able to try out the system in advance by using the practice account. These let you play with virtual money and see how your skills at buying and selling perform on the live markets.

They are a great way of testing the water without any risk. You can learn as you practice which can give you a good idea of how the system works. You should not rely solely on the software, and take time to learn how the trends may be affected by current affairs.

Do not simply let your account run itself. By doing this you risk signing in to find all of your money has been lost. Keep a close eye on how it is performing and alter your account to help reduce the risk of losing everything.

Be sure to fill in the amounts you want to buy at and sell at. Updates are useful to help you make the changes you need so pay attention to any information you are sent. Remember as with all stock trading there is always a risk involved.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of using an effective stock trading system to build a thriving portfolio. When you want to get the details about successful stock trading techniques, you can find them now!

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