Since 2012, Kenny Loh has been teaching his students about stocks trading. Nowadays, he is an Investment Coach for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and a speaker for various events such as REITs Symposium, in addition to conducting classes for his students. Being a tutorial class, you will not only learn about the theory aspects of investing, but also the practical aspects. With real-life case studies that Kenny will analyse for investing purposes, students will be able to learn effective methods of analysis and investing, using past events.

For example, Kenny uses the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the more recent Covid-19 pandemic as case studies in his seminars/classes. Students will be able to analyse the macro-environment changes brought about from these large-scale events, and be able to relate these changes to the stock market for investment purposes.


Next Course: Investing in Singapore REITs

  • Date: 2 Saturdays in September 2022 (tentative) (do join the telegram channel to be notified of upcoming courses!)
  • Time: 9AM – 5.30PM
  • Location: TBC
  • Course fee: S$1,099 S$799 (applied promo code: kennylohreits)


Kenny conducts 2 types of courses, the REITs investing courses, usually held in classes, and Private Tuition classes. Kenny is also licensed to provide a Private Portfolio review of your investment portfolio. Find out more below:




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  1. Sakshee

    I really wana lern stock trading

  2. Karen

    When is the next class available??

  3. Marubozu

    I will be away for business trip for the next 2 weeks..

    Drop me a seperate email at so that we can arrange from there.


  4. slchuan

    I would like to sign up for your Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis (7 hours) course.
    Please advise on the venue.

  5. Marubozu

    The venue of the TA class is at CBD area, next to Raffles Place MRT tentatively.

  6. Seh Cheah

    May I know what is the course fee for TA class? Thank you

  7. Marubozu

    Drop me a note at and I will give you the detail. One thing for sure the course fee is relatively competitive compared to what advertised in the newspaper and seminar. I attended those seminars last time and cost me a bomb! It is a small class and it is a hands on session designed for beginners.


  8. Marc Devires


    Would like to find out more about the availability of your courses and the course fees. Thank you.

  9. Marubozu

    Hi Marc,
    Have dropped the information to your mail box. Please check.


  10. KC-Tan


    I am interested in the class on REIT, wonder when it will be offered and the fee?



  11. Marubozu

    Have replied your msg through your email. Please check ASAP as the class is on this Sunday.


  12. bys

    Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis (6 Hours)

    i m interested to know more about your courses.
    can drop me an email n we carry on from there.

  13. Mel

    Hi , Interested in the details of your course. Could you provide me with more details

  14. Marubozu

    Hi Friends,
    Please write to if you want to make enquiry on the course fee and detail. Please DO NOT post your email or mobile phone numbers here (ie. comment) page if you don’t want to be spammed by others. FYI. Currently I am receiving spams from everywhere, left right center, day & night….


  15. Ash

    Hi there – I’d like to attend a stock trading and an REIT class. Whe nis the next class and how much do they cost?

  16. Meng

    do you conduct classes on Option trading ?

  17. Marubozu

    Maybe will start option trading course next year. It very much depends on my schedule.

  18. allan yap

    I would like to know where to attend your class?

  19. Nasir

    Hi there, I tried sending you an e-mail however it was unsuccessful. I’m a beginner to stock trading and would like to learn how to trade before I splurge real money on stuff that I’m not au-fait with.
    Are you able to send me and e-mail on the course fees?

  20. Melvin

    Hi , can send me the course fees details and price ?


  21. Marubozu

    Those course fee and syllabus detail are in the link. Just click those links and you can see the information.


  22. Edwin Cheo

    Hi KK,
    I am a regular follower of your website. I wish to enquire about the
    Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis (8 hours) course. May I know what is the frequency and duration for each session. I have been trading Singapore stocks for more than 3 years but have not been very successful. Through this small group teaching, I hope to improve my knowledge and trading skills through Technical Analysis.

    Thank you


    Edwin Cheo

  23. Marubozu

    Hi Edwin,
    You may want to check out the course schedule by clicking the links. I update frequently once I have firmed up the schedule every time.


  24. Ros

    Hi, may I know what’s the course fee? Thank you

  25. Marubozu

    All the course information are in the link. Just click those links and you can see the details.

  26. wooi

    I am interested in the course Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis. I have a laptop but not the internet connection. Is it really a must?

  27. Marubozu

    @ wooi: This is a hands on course and I am teaching my students on how to do research through internet. As long as your laptop have Wifi (you should have it) and you should be able to connect to internet.

  28. Eng Lim

    I am interested in the course Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis. I have a laptop which can only surf from home.

  29. Marubozu

    @Eng Lim,
    You can download the software and update market data at home first before the class.

  30. Ms. Soh

    Hi, my boss got buy share and he always ask me to check statement for him, I wish to know more about stock market, as a beginner, how could I start to invest? thanks

  31. Doji

    In regards to your FA course, just for clarification purpose, your classroom doesn’t provide wifi. Student has to bring laptop with internet connection. Right?

  32. Marubozu

    @ Doji:
    The classroom has WIFI. Your computer must have WIFI in order to connect to Internet.

  33. Han Ee Kwang


    I am interested in attending your Reits course, kindly inform me of the next course.

    James Han

  34. sk tan

    Are you still conducting the above courses?
    Just come across your blog and like the way you share with others without hiding any information.
    Hope to hear from you and thank you for your time and efforts in educating the newbies who are eager to learn but so lost.

  35. Catherine Teo

    Hi, I am interested in your Reits selection and US Market trading course. Please let me know when you will run the classes. Thanks.

  36. Marubozu

    @Catherine, I am taking a break now for all public courses. I will post the new dates (if there is any in future) or you can PM me if I have any private class.

  37. shives

    Hi, I am interested in the course 2 & 3. I am keen to know how much the cost for the course is please? Thank you

  38. Marubozu

    Fundamental Analysis $248
    Technical Analysis $288


    Can you advise when is the next course and the price?

  40. Grace Chung

    Do you have weekday day time course?

  41. Marubozu

    @ Grace: I don’t have public course on weekday. However I can specially arrange for 1 on 1 private class on weekday but it very much depends on my work schedule.

  42. Zachary

    Hi there, may i know how muh will be the price for the course?

  43. Grace

    Hi! Thanks for your reply! How much do you charge for the individual coaching on weekday? I am new and have no background to this trade, can I enrol for your Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis (8 hours tentatively in July / August, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM )? Is this MT a weekday or weekend course?

  44. Sudha

    I would like to join Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis (8 hours). Please let me the availability and fee.


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