Fundamental Analysis



Key Learning Points

      • How Global Economy can affect Stock Price?
      • How to read Key Economic Indicators like PMI, CPI, GDP, NFP and how these indicators can affect the stock market?
      • How’s the Money flow between equity, bond, commodities, etc?
      • How to identify where are the money in different sectors?
      • Understanding of the company business, Financial Statement (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement)
      • Understanding key financial ratio (Net Profit Margin, Gross Profit Margin, ROA, ROE, Current Ratio, Debt to Equity ratio, etc)
      • Intrinsic value calculation (DCF Model, PE model, PEG ratio, Discounted EPS model)
      • How to pick a right stock with good fundamental with minimal risk?
        • Whether it is a good company?
        •  Is the stock under Value?
      • How to time your entry?
        • You don’t buy at high.
        • You don’t buy on a down trend.
        • You don’t buy when the stock is over value (i.e. limited upside potential)
        • Not to get your money stucked for long time?
      • How to time your exit?
        • When to cut loss if your stock price goes down.
        • When the stock is over value.
        • When there is a trend reversal signal.



11 thoughts on “Fundamental Analysis”

  1. Hi Marubozu, When is your next session of “Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis”? I would like to attend it but unfortunately had just missed it. I am a accountant but never knew how to trade in stock, in fact I had lost quite some money just investing based on noise. Its high time I get proper training to start on my investment journey. Thank you in advance for your advice.

    Best regards

  2. all right thanks(: See you in july then. Let us know the date early so that we could book the date to attend ur training.

  3. Hi Marubozu

    I am interested in TA and FA class. May I know if I shlould attend FA first follow by TA, or it does not matter which comes first?

    For TA, do I need to purchase any TA software to learn to plot the chart? Is there any cost I need to cater for other than the course fees?

    Thank you.


  4. @Lester,
    The TA and FA class are independent to each other, you can attend either one of them first.

    You don’t need to purchase anything. I will guide you to get free information from internet and use the free software. You don’t need to pay for extra things.


  5. Hi may I know when is the next course? Unable to attend the one in July unfortunately but will be keen to attend the next scheduled one

  6. do you conduct ◾Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis (8 Hours in Dec? My 16 year old son is keen to attend.

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