• Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis
  • Hands-on Private Tuition Class
  • Price: $200-$300 per hour
  • 3 month mentoring period after the end of the course
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  • Interested? Contact me at marubozu@mystocksinvesting.com.

Key Learning Points

  • How the Global Economy can affect Stock Price?
  • How to read Key Economic Indicators like PMI, CPI, GDP, NFP, and how these indicators can affect the stock market?
  • How’s the Money flow between equity, bond, commodities, etc?
  • How to identify where is the money in different sectors?
  • Understanding of the company business, Financial Statement (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Understanding key financial ratio (Net Profit Margin, Gross Profit Margin, ROA, ROE, Current Ratio, Debt to Equity ratio, etc)
  • Intrinsic value calculation (DCF Model, PE model, PEG ratio, Discounted EPS model)
  • How to pick a right stock with good fundamentals with minimal risk?
    • Whether it is a good company?
    •  Is the stock under Value?
  • How to time your entry?
      • You don’t buy at high.
      • You don’t buy on a downtrend.
      • You don’t buy when the stock is overvalued (i.e. limited upside potential)
      • Not to get your money stuck for a long time?
  • How to time your exit?
        • When to cut loss if your stock price goes down.
        • When the stock is overvalued.
        • When there is a trend reversal signal.


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  1. TAMMY

    Hi Marubozu, When is your next session of “Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis”? I would like to attend it but unfortunately had just missed it. I am a accountant but never knew how to trade in stock, in fact I had lost quite some money just investing based on noise. Its high time I get proper training to start on my investment journey. Thank you in advance for your advice.

    Best regards

  2. lunny

    hi, i am interested in your next FA course. When would that be?

  3. Marubozu

    The next class will be in July.

  4. lunny

    all right thanks(: See you in july then. Let us know the date early so that we could book the date to attend ur training.

  5. Lester

    Hi Marubozu

    I am interested in TA and FA class. May I know if I shlould attend FA first follow by TA, or it does not matter which comes first?

    For TA, do I need to purchase any TA software to learn to plot the chart? Is there any cost I need to cater for other than the course fees?

    Thank you.


  6. Marubozu

    The TA and FA class are independent to each other, you can attend either one of them first.

    You don’t need to purchase anything. I will guide you to get free information from internet and use the free software. You don’t need to pay for extra things.


  7. Lester

    Hi Marubozu,

    Ok, thank you for the info 🙂


  8. Matthias

    Hi may I know when is the next course? Unable to attend the one in July unfortunately but will be keen to attend the next scheduled one

  9. Tan Suan Han

    do you conduct ◾Value Investing through Fundamental Analysis (8 Hours in Dec? My 16 year old son is keen to attend.

  10. Lester

    Hi, im lester, already dropped you an email on the details of the course.

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