Markets around the world are falling, including Singapore.

  • Are you making money now when stock prices fall by “shorting”?
  • If you’re an investor collecting dividends and don’t prefer to sell, do you know how you can protect your portfolio when stock prices drop by “hedging”?

If your answer is ‘no’, then you may want to learn how; it’s not difficult.

In this private tuition course, let Kenny teach you exactly how he “short” and “hedge” using his simple-to-learn yet effective methods.

  • Price: $200-$300 per hour
  • 3 month mentoring period after the end of the course

Don’t just watch the markets or your portfolio value fall. You can do something about it!

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Key Learning Points

  • Introduction to Short Selling. 2 Key Reasons why you MUST learn the skills of Short Sell as part of your investing and trading skills.
  • Current Limitation of Short Selling in the Singapore Stock Market.
  • Using CFD (Contract for Difference) to short Singapore Stocks.
  • Using Simple Technical Analysis to identify Shorting Opportunities.
  • Do & Don’t in Short Selling
  • Important Trading Rules in Short Selling
  • Setting up a Trading Plan (Hands-on session)
  • How to control losses for each trade
  • Develop your Personal Trading Journal to Analyse your Trading Mistakes

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  1. Calvin Chong

    Hi, wonder it is possible for everyone to grab the concept with just 3 hours of lecturing, irregardless the class size.

  2. Marubozu

    @Calvin: Short Selling is not difficult if you know how. It is a opposite of Buy Low Sell High and using the right instrument / method. It is a hands on class instead of theory. The students have to PERSONALLY develop a trading plan to short sell the stocks. Students have to bring the computer to do the work in the class. I will address all the questions on the spot in the class individually. This is NOT a big seminar training.

  3. Lydia lee

    Too late for me to register for tomorrow session. When will be your next session. Thanks

  4. Marubozu

    Hi Lydia, no plan at the moment but I will keep you posted the next class.Thanks for your interest.

  5. john tee

    Hi, When is the next lesson for short selling?

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