Kenny Loh is a Senior Consultant and REITs Specialist of Singapore’s top Independent Financial Advisor. He helps clients construct diversified portfolios consisting of different asset classes from REITs, Equities, Bonds, ETFs, Unit Trusts, Private Equity, Alternative Investments and Fixed Maturity Funds to achieve an optimal risk adjusted return. Kenny is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, SGX Academy REIT Trainer, Certified IBF Trainer of Associate REIT Investment Advisor (ARIA) and also an invited speaker of REITs Symposium and Invest Fair.

Over the past few years, using proven approaches, Kenny has helped many of his clients improve their investment portfolios by conducting a comprehensive, in-depth private portfolio review. This private portfolio review takes into account your personal financial objectives (such as risk adversity), where after which, Kenny will advise you on the next step to improve your investment portfolio. The approach that Kenny will take is as follows:


  • Portfolio Balancing by Sectors
  • Stocks Analysis using Fundamental Analysis. I will point out whether the stock is fundamentally good or bad, whether the stock has any upside potential, whether is the stock overvalued or undervalued etc.
  • Trend Analysis using Technical Analysis. I will point out the upside potential and downside risks.
  • Setting up Investment / Trading Rules based on your risk appetite, tolerances, and objectives.

Fee Based Consultation: Build a REIT Portfolio to meet your Passive Income Goal

(1) Understanding your investment objective and your passive income goals
(2) Analysis of your Personal Investing Risk Profile
(3) Recommend a suitable Asset Allocation to you, and assess what is the right allocation % of REIT in your portfolio base on your current financial health and life stage. ** Note: this is an important step because this is Risk Management for your own investment **
(4) Personalise a diversified REIT portfolio with risk-minimising strategies
(5) REITs recommendation and allocation for your portfolio
(6) Help you to monitor and manage your REIT portfolio (i.e. I do all the work for you) – annual advisory fee applied (optional).

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After attending Marubozu’s classes, we sought his help to guide us in a private  portfolio review.  His approach was relaxed, patient and supportive as he steered us beginners through the intricacies of stock analysis.  He also gave us many clear and useful pointers to follow up on our own after the session.
Marubozu’s competent, insightful and pragmatic guidance enabled us to escape significant losses just in time.  We are grateful for the very helpful tuition he provides.

 Koh’s Family

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  1. Rizal


    I’d like to do the personal portfolio review. May I know the charges please?
    Thank you

  2. linda foo

    hi i will like to invest in Reits.
    can you guide me how to go about and the charges please.

    thank you

    linda foo

  3. john

    Please let me know the charges for personal portfolio review. thanks

  4. Marubozu

    John, have replied your email.

  5. Justin

    Hi, how much is your advisory service?

  6. Marubozu

    I have sent you a reply through your email.

  7. Chris

    Hi, how much is your Investment Advisory and Investment Portfolio Construction fees?

  8. Marubozu

    Have replied you through email.

  9. OngKA

    I am interested to invest in Reits.. I would like you to conduct a Private Portfolio Review.
    May I know the charges please. Thanks.

  10. Marubozu

    KA, I have sent you an email.

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