Investing in Singapore REITs



  • Hands-on REITs investing course for passive income and capital gain
  • How to pick Singapore REIT for Dividend Investing


In view of Covid-19 situation, I’m making an exception to conduct this normally in-person course as a Live ONLINE course.


In this exclusive LIVE online course, I will cover:

  1. All the risks when entering S-REITs market during this crucial period.
  2. Action Plans investors can take to buy REITs in different scenarios for this “crisis”.
  3. Breakdown my steps to identify cheap S-REITs now are still fundamentally strong that has high potential to rebound profitably after this historic market crash.


Upcoming Live Online REITs course:

  • Date: July 18, 2020 (Sat), 1pm to 6pm. (GMT+8, Singapore time)
  • Duration: 5 hours Live Online Course
  • Normal course fee: S$600
  • Promo course fee: S$350 (Time limited offer) – Enter promo code: “mystocksinvesting” when you make payment
  • Please click here to register and make payment.




Fee Based Consultation: Build a REIT Portfolio to meet your Passive Income Goal

(1) Understanding your investing objective and your passive income goal
(2) Analyse your Personal Investing Risk Profile
(3) Recommend a suitable Asset Allocation to you, and assess what is the right allocation % of REIT in your portfolio base on your current financial health and life stage. ** Note: this is an important step because this is Risk Management for your own investment **
(4) Personalise a diversified REIT portfolio with risk minimizing strategies
(5) REITs recommendation and allocation for your portfolio
(6) Help you to monitor and manage your REIT portfolio (i.e. I do all the works for you) – annual advisory fee applied (optional).

Send me an email if you are interested.


  • Mr. Loh is a very friendly guy who is more than willing to share with us his knowledge. One good thing about his lessons is that he explains the terms so clearly that you do not need to have the technical background to understand. — Ernest Lim, Engineer
  • The REITs session is truly value-for-money. It offers attendee a simple and effective way to understand Singapore REITs investment without up-selling and hype like most typical property and investment courses out there. — Ignatius Lee, Director
  • I really enjoyed your informative presentation with profitable takeaway value and am happy to refer business to your upcoming REIT seminars. The price is very reasonable. I posted on the front page my weekly client letter which mentions your program on  — Bill Wermine, Licensed Fund Manager


Key Learning Points

    • What is REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)?
    • How to read the FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trust Index?
    • Understanding Different Types of REIT
    • Fundamental Analysis and Understanding Important Financial Ratio (Market Cap, PE Ratio, NAV, Gearing Ratio, Distribution Yield)
    • Analyse the Quality & Dividend Sustainability of REIT (Tenant Mix, Occupancy Rate, WALE, Debt Expiry Profile)
    • Risk Assessment of the REIT
    • Valuation of the REIT (Undervalue, Overvalue or Fair Value)
    • Entry & Exit using Simple Trend Analysis


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35 thoughts on “Investing in Singapore REITs”

  1. Hi,

    I would like to attend this workshop but is unable to make it for this upcoming run. Are you able to let me know when u are planning the next run on this topic?

    Thank you.


  2. hi,
    Your course outline seem very alien to me. For someone who is a newbie ;like me, will I have problems digesting all the info you will be providing and later applying it? by the way, what is the course fee like?


  3. Hi Jo,
    Don’t worry about it. I explain the concept in very lay man term. No problems for newbies to understand but you definitely have to practise and apply the knowledge after the class.
    You can check the course fee and venue by clicking those links.


  4. Hi Mr Marubozu, I would like to attend this workshop but can’t make it for this upcoming run. Is there another alternative date? Thanks!

  5. Dennis, the REIT class is conducted every 2 to 3 months. You just need to check the dates regularly here.

  6. Could you let me know the next upcoming class on REIT and what is the course fee as well. Thanks

  7. Hi Azwin,
    This REIT class is designed for newbie and be taught in very layman way. It is also a hands on session so that you know how to do research yourself after the class.

    Hope it helps.

  8. I want to know more about the reits investing course conducted by kenny…
    Is there any seminar or website for me to find out more?

  9. Hi I like to learn the basics of trading, how much and how long your course? when the next session start? Thank you.

  10. @Adam: Could you please share with me your objective and financial background so that I can recommend a course that meet your objective?

  11. Hi there,

    May enquire whether will there be any classes available on mornings from Mondays to Fridays? Or are the classes only scheduled on Saturdays mornings only?kindly confirm

  12. I am interested in learning this course.

    Could you please send me link for enrollment with the promo code.


  13. Hi! Likewise I can’t make it in Jul! Please let me know when’s the next training date! 🙂

  14. Hi Mr Marubozu, will you be considering to register this course to be eligible under SkillsFuture Credit?

  15. Hi Desmond,
    Yes. I wish to but I don’t know what need to be done to get Skills Future credit approved.

  16. Hi Mr Loh
    Im Dura from Singapore
    Wants to know more about REITS
    I heard it can make a passive income & also capital gain
    I never do Reits before
    So im still a newbie looking forward into REITS
    U have seminar for this REITS

  17. Hi Mr. Loh,

    I am very interested in this course, but unfortunately unable to go to Singapore. I would like to know if you will offer this course online in the new future? Thanks!

  18. Hi, can I still sign up for the REITS course coming Saturday?

    Thought I had signed up earlier, but there was some error. Really keen to join.


  19. Hi Kenny, I am a beginner and keen to understand more on stocks trading and REITS. Would your upcoming July 18 class cover that? Thank you.

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