• Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis.
  • Hands-on Private Tuition Class
  • Price: $200-$300 per hour
  • 3 month mentoring period after the end of the course
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  • Interested? Contact me at marubozu@mystocksinvesting.com.

Key Learning Points

  • How to Read Stock Chart?
  • How to Identify Support and Resistance?
  • How to draw and use Fibonacci Retracement?
  • Stock Chart Pattern and Breakout Patterns
    • Elliot Wave
    • Head and Shoulders
    • Double Top / Double Bottom / Triple Tops / Trip Bottom
    • Triangles and Wedges
    • Parabolic Curve
  • Understanding Technical Indicators
    • Simple Moving Averages
    • MACD
    • RSI
    • Stochastic
    • Parabolic SAR
    • Bollinger Band
  • How to use Candlesticks Patterns to read market psychology and increase the success rate in trading?
    • Reversal Patterns
    • Continuation Patterns
  • How to develop a Trading Plan and Select a Right Stock by combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis?
    • A Trading Plan with Time Target
    • Entry and Exit Point
    • How to short the stock market using CFD?
    • How to set stop loss to protect the profit or minimise losses?

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  1. william

    may i know the price please ?


  2. Marubozu

    You can see the price information in the link.

  3. patrick

    May i kn the price and when course starts.

  4. apple

    Please let me know the date of the technical analysis course.

  5. apple

    and the course fee, thanks.

  6. Marubozu

    @ Patrick & Apple: Course fee $288. PM me your email address so that I can keep you posted the next class.

  7. Gonemad

    What course should i take if iim a beginner in stock market

  8. Tan Sie Wee


    I am interested in this course.

    May I know how much does it cost all the details for this course.

    Thank you.

  9. Tan Sie Wee

    I saw the price already. It is S$288. May I have all the details and how to enrol in this course.

    Thank you.

  10. donna

    is there a class around last week of May? because thats the time I’ll be going to SG. thanks

  11. Gopal

    I would like to attend your classes. could you tell me what is you course fee

  12. Betsy John

    Dear Trainer,

    I am a beginner and have no prior knowledge with trading or stocks (just a few readouts only). Was going thru the areas covered by the course ◾Momentum Trading through Technical Analysis. Can you please advise on the course fee, is it still 288 SGD and when is the next class being offered. Are there are other course in relation to this either prior or after that would help continue the momentum to pursue trading as part-time.

    Your advise and help is much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  13. Marubozu

    @Betsy, I have sent you the detail in your email. thanks.

  14. Alan

    Hi, I am interested. Please let me know the cost and date of the next iteration of the technical analysis course.

  15. Marubozu

    @Alan: I have replied to your personal email.

  16. Alex Chong

    may I know when is your next course on technical analysis?

  17. Marubozu

    @Alex, no plan for any public TA class at the moment. Only offer private tuition.

  18. joanne

    How much is the private tuition and when can start?

  19. Callndrew

    I am interested to attend your Fundamental and Technical analysis. Please info.
    Thank you

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