Thanks Giving Day: Crude Oil Futures drop more than 10%. Big Trouble Ahead?

This is abnormal! Crude Oil drops more than 10% when everyone is complacent and on holiday mode.  Stock Market keeps going up but Treasury Yield keep dropping. Next week will be a very good lesson for all the retail investors!

Crude Oil Nov 29-2014 Futures Nov29-2014

  • Retail investors have NO chance to run if there is a sudden drop in the share price. Big guys still can trade “after trading hours”.
  • Stock Market can be manipulated and give everyone an illusion but something already happening quietly somewhere. Check the Yield Curve!

Treasury Yield Nov 29-2014

Sit tight and watch the show!

To those retail investors and newbies who believe into those “Get Rich Quick” class and believe it is very easy to make money from the stock market by just copying someone’s proprietary trading system, please think twice! There is no free lunch in this world because even Warren Buffet and Carl Ichan can lose huge money in the stock market.

Carl Icahn loss money Warran Buffet IBM Loss


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