Why It’s Better To Get Trading Software Like Fintech LTD

By Joan Katz

The hype around cryptocurrency trading may not be as strong as it used to but it’s definitely still way off the roof! What many people see in cryptocurrency is opportunity – to trade, to innovate, to earn. Many software developers have come to see this opportunity too and so, they sought out a program that will be accepted by the cryptocurrency trading community. Unsurprisingly, what they managed to create wasn’t just accepted – it became a necessity to trading.

Introducing cryptocurrency trading robots! Or, cryptobots for short (read more).

What if I told you that there was a safer way to secure your trading success? What if I told you that you don’t have to do the meticulous activity of trading yourself for “something else” will be doing it for you? How would you feel about winning trades 80 or 90 percent of the time?

I’m pretty sure your mind is raging about the idea. Luckily, all these things are made possible and promised to you when you manage to find yourself a superstar trading software.

How Do Trading Robots Operate?

Of course, there is more happening behind the hocus pocus of trading robots. The cryptocurrency trading system, after all, isn’t something you can easily bypass – let alone, cheat on. When you trade, you have to win everything fairly. So the question is “How?”

Trading cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum is very tricky. This is mostly because of how volatile crypto mines are. One moment, currency values skyrocket off the ceiling. After which, it can dwindle way down into the ranks. Aside from Bitcoin which has, more or less, established its market value, other types of crypto money are very rocky. Although one thing I can assure you is that they are real. So you can erase any doubts you have about cryptocurrency being a scam or fraud.

Check this article for more information about Bitcoin Volatility: https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/guides/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-bitcoin-volatility/

You can also cross “gambling” off your list of what cryptocurrency is. Because I’m telling you, it might seem like a game of luck; but really, it isn’t – or at least, not entirely. Although luck (if it does exist) may be a factor on how your trades will turn out, it’s not everything there is to it. I can say with full conviction that cryptocurrency trading is not at a level of slot machines when it concerns luck. After all, it takes experience, knowledge, intuition, and a whole lot of guts to trade. It is never just about luck.

This is where cryptobots, the lovely software leading developers have created, comes into play. Cryptobots are programmed to record, analyse, learn, and create relationships out of an entire history of trading data. And this bulk of information is replenished and renewed with each and every trade people (or other robots) do everyday. Cryptobots distinguish relationships and makes sense out of various trading trends no ordinary person can. They then use this information to come up with the right trading decision. This heightens the accuracy of their trading choices and ultimately, leads to higher trading success.

Are People Capable Of Doing This Too?

Straight answer is NO. Not that I’m underestimating the intricate and talented minds people have, but logically speaking, there is no way an ordinary person can make use of trading data in a similar manner. I have two reasons to prove it:

  1. When we talk about the long history of trading data, we’re not just talking of thousands of gigabytes – we’re talking about thousands of terabytes worth of data! Cryptocurrency trading may have had its break in 2009 but it has been developed and refined long before then. And even if we were just to count from year 2009, we’re talking about 9 years’ worth of information to date (it’s 2018). It is simply not possible for a human brain to take in and process that amount of information.
  2. Say, that there is one superhuman who can run and make sense of this huge amount of data, the next hurdle is where will he or she extract such vast amounts of information? Trading data is not readily available for the public’s perusal. You need permits, licenses, and rights to access this kind of valuable information. You’ll probably consider hacking into the system and extracting the data illegally. But seriously, if cryptocurrency databases can be easily infiltrated, no sane person would consider investing in a system that carries such a huge amount of risk! You can have your own ultraprocessor installed inside your brain, but without access to the trading database, you still wouldn’t be able to put it into much use.

These are only two reasons but I do find them pretty convincing. Why go through the trouble of figuring everything out when you can just get the service from an excellent trading software developer, right?

Manual vs. Autopilot Trades

The main difference between trading with a cryptobot and without one is the Autopilot Mode. In autopilot, you can trade even with your eyes closed – literally! You can program a trading bot to keep entering trades with high probabilities for success even while you go to work, have dinner, catch a few z’s, or even while you’re on vacation! Cryptocurrency trading robots have made it possible to trade EFFECTIVELY albeit human assistance. And with it, comes a few perks:

Your Trading Decisions Become More Objective

Sometimes we think that our trading decisions are objective enough to carry us all the way to the heights of success. But this is where the problem lies, we just “think.” We don’t know for a fact whether our perception is real and accurate. After all, we are often blinded by our own thoughts to actually see what’s happening. And, we tend to realize the truth post ex facto or after the fact that we’ve been losing trades already.

With cryptobots like Fintech LTD, we can avoid such scenarios by imploring the aid of something that is neither driven nor affected by human emotions and drives. Robots don’t feel greed; they don’t fear; and they most definitely do not have biases like humans. They base their trading decisions purely on probability and will not act against fair reason. We need something as objective as robots to help us with our trading decisions – something that will not fear losing assets as much as we do.

You Increase Trade Success

Of course, with highly practical and reasonable trading robots on your side, you’re bound to win more trades. Robots evaluate previous trading data and create relationships and trends out of it in order to come up with a more accurate trading decision. When you base trading decisions on factual data, you increase your chances of being right – compared to when you based your trades on pure intuition. Cryptocurrency trading can be studied, you see. It can be analysed (read more). All you need to have is access to the right information and the capacity to make sense out of gibberish data. Trading bots have both. And so, this makes them the right candidate for any trading job.

And we’ll end here for today. Hope you had a fun and informative read!

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