Invest Fair

Helped out in the INVEST FAIR for past two days, I have a feeling that the talks in the INVEST Fair probably may have some influence over the Singapore Stock market in the coming weeks. There were talks and sharing sessions to show that Singapore stock markets are going to become bearish and having a big correction. The investors who attended the fair have a little bit more insight of the stock market sentiment and the future STI movement. For me, I will stay out of all Blue Chips stock for the time being until the correction is over. I am planning to sell off some penny stocks in the next one or two weeks because any big correction in STI will also affect the penny stocks. The probability of share price going down is higher than share price going up, so why take the risks? Furthermore, the two big drops (5.8% on Monday and 4.3% on Wednesday) last week at Shanghai stock exchange had raised some alarms. I am not going to take any risks.

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