My Top 5 Reasons to visit INVEST Fair 2018

17 more days to INVEST Fair 2018!


I have been visiting, joining, participating in the INVEST Fair organised by ShareInvestor for many years. Personally, I feel that this is one of the annual events you should attend if you are newbies in investing, retail investors, seasonal investors, part time traders, etc.

The following are the top 5 reasons why I visit INVEST Fair every year:

  1. One Stop Shop Seminars: You can learn all different investing topics, market outlook, investing styles, investment opportunities, and many more in the seminars. You can check out all the seminar schedule here and most of the seminars are free. However, you may be overwhelmed by all these seminars and lost in this investing jungles. I will help you to identify which seminars you should attend based on your investing knowledge:
    1. For newbies: Start with REIT, Fixed Income Investing, STI and ETF related topics.
    2. For retail investors who have a little more time to trade: you may find any trading related seminars like CFD trading, Option Trading, Algorithm trading, etc.
    3. For high risk and sophisticated investors or traders: you will get some excitement in ICO, Private Equity, P2P lending, blockchain related topics.
  2. Special discounts for annual subscriptions: Sign up at ShareInvestor’s booth if you want to find the best deal in the term of subscription for both of their platforms and be sure to check out the new features that will launched during INVEST Fair.
  3. Place to ask Question for FREE: This is the place you can ask any general investing questions when you visit the participating booths. Get yourself educated for free in the INVEST Fair.
  4. Compare and find the investment courses which are suitable to you: Before you sign up any investing courses, make sure you ask yourself the following questions before swiping your credit card:
    1. Are the asset classes you are planning to invest suitable to your personal risk profile?
    2. Do you have time to do homework? Warning! There are a lot of homework to be done before you can invest or trade successfully!
    3. Do you have time to sit in front of computer to monitor the stock market and corporate news?
  5. New technology, New trading platform, New investment opportunities: You can find out all the new ideas in INVEST Fair. I believe most people heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but still do not have any idea what is this about and how it works, you can check out at Crypto Zone. If you believe SEA will be the next growth engine and want to find investing opportunities, you may find some gems in the ASEAN Pavilion. For savvy traders and investors, The Trading Zone is a good place for you to find out new technology, new trading platform, etc. If you still do not know what is Fintech (Financial Technology) and how Fintech can affect our lives, I have an article here “How Fintech is changing our Financial Life?” to give you an overview before you visit Invest Fair. You can see the Floor Plan below to plan your route and schedule.



By the way, I was one of the panellists of INVEST Fair 2017 on the topics “Investing in 20, 30 and 40”. You can view the past video by clicking HERE and you should be able to guess which age group I belong to.😊


You should be able to find me at the AKLTG (Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group) booth as I am currently one of the investment coaches for REIT investing and also Multi-Asset Portfolio Builder program. You can see my Educator Index at Inside Invest.


You can register the event by  clicking HERE or and enter promo-code MYSTOCKSINVESTING to have 3x chances to win the lucky draw.  We chat more if you can catch me at INVEST Fair, see you!

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