3 Investing Mistakes for Singapore REITs at Investors Exchange by BIGScribe

I was invited by BIGScribe to share my topic of “Who are the 3 musketeers of REITs and how they can help you avoid common mistakes REITs investors make” at Investors Exchange at DBS Auditorium last Saturday.

BIGScribe is a group of passionate finance bloggers. We are looking to pool our resources together, in order to bring you better quality and well-rounded financial information that is easy to consume.


Singapore REITs Yield comparison


Summary of the 3 Common Mistakes in REITs Investing


The following are the links for some of my slides. Get the original post from https://mystocksinvesting.com


I think Lynn Han did a great job in summarizing my presentation. You can read her blog here.

Summary of key take away by another blogger – Growing your tree of prosperity.


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