When I first started investing….

I have been “investing” in stocks since 1998, but maybe a more appropriate work is “buying blindly”. What I did was to hear from my colleagues what shares to buy and just throw my hard earn money to buy the stocks he recommended. I did not know how to analyse & evaluate a company, did not know how to analyse the stock chart & totally lost with those jargons like support & resistance, correction, candle sticks, etc. I was just like those retail “investors” out there (uncles & aunties) and did not even know what kinds of risks I was putting myself into. I bought Keppel Land, UOB KayHian, Chartered Semiconductor (when the stock price was S$10!), JIT (later acquired by Flextronics) in my initial first few years of investing. As expected, I lost money and I am still holding my Charted Semiconductor share today! But I have started to average down my ChartedSc stocks as I know semiconductor recovery is around the corner and I can minimise the loses when the stock price goes up.

Recently I decided to take up some investing courses and it reaps benefit. I’ve learnt how to analyse a good company and evaluate the stock price whether it is under value or over value. I also learned how to use Technical Analysis to analyse the stock price trend to time my entry and exit points. I decided to share my learning experience and stock analysis in this blog space after encouragement from my classmate. I will be sharing some company analysis and stock charts I have done. Welcome for any comment as this will help me to learn.

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