Hongguo – breaking out from triangle soon but where is the direction?

Hongguo is going to breakout from a triangle but no clear indication where the stock price will go after the breakout. The minor up trend may not be sustainable because it is showing volume price divergence. Need to see where the next few candles go and whether it has enough volumn to support the trend.

Capitaland – forming a Triple Tops?

Today Capitaland looks like having a breakout from a triangle. The stock price is also moving away from the 20D & 50D MA support line. MACD is showing bullish convergence again. Is Capitaland forming a Triple Tops first before reversing the trend? I will still continue to stay out of this stock because upside is limited as it has very strong resistance at $4.14. Downside probabality is much higher than upside probability, upside potential is only 7.8% (from $3.84 to $4.14) while downside is 16% ($3.84 to $3.22). $3.22 is next support level base on 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement.