Want a more private approach to learning about investing? Customised Private Tuition Classes are also available! These one-on-one classes are fully customisable depending on individual requirements, on any/all of the following topics: Short Selling, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and How to trade the US Stock Market. Find out about what you’ll learn in the topics below:


In these private tuition classes, which consist of 2 hours sessions, Kenny will teach you one-on-one on the desired topic that you’ve chosen. As with all of Kenny’s classes, you will be taught on the theory of the topic, and be presented with real-life case studies and examples for you to practice on, ensuring that at the end of the sessions, you will be able to apply what you’ve learnt in real-world situations.

In addition, there is a 3-month mentoring period by Kenny himself, to ensure that by the end of the mentoring period, you will be able to invest independently with confidence using the skills that you have been taught, and the experience you’ve gained.

All Private Tuition Classes are fully customisable to your liking. You would be able to choose the topics that you would like to learn, and being a private tuition session, each lesson is catered specifically to your current skill level and needs.

Why choose a Private Tuition Class over a Normal seminar/class?

Group Tuition ClassesPrivate Tuition Classes
Divided AttentionUndivided Attention: Tutor able to identify your weaknesses
Standard CurriculumCustomised Curriculum: Learn what you want to learn
Standard Pace: Slower learners might not be able to keep upCustomised Pace: Tutor can attend specifically to all learners, slow or fast
Fixed class timingFlexible class timings

Private Tuition Class Details:

Price: $200-$300 per hour, depending on course content. Inclusive of 3 months of mentoring after the end of the course.

Curriculum: Customisable, choose any/all of the above 4 topics. Drop me a note at marubozu@mystocksinvesting.com and we can discuss it from there!

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You can also have a Private Investment Portfolio Review if you are interested.

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