Singapore REIT Table



Want to know which REITs are suitable for you? Looking for a comprehensive summary of all the S-REITs in Singapore? Look no further!


This S-REIT table, updated every month, contains information on all the REITs in Singapore. Information included in this document about the REITs include:

  • Distribution information, including quarterly DPUs
  • General financial performance, such as gearing ratios, interest coverage ratio etc.
  • Debt information, including cost of debt (all-in interest costs), weighted average debt maturity, etc.
  • General Portfolio overview by geographic region
  • Price/NAV information
  • And more!


To know more about the REIT table and other information, do watch this Webinar Replay where Kenny shared his insights about how Covid-19 impacts S-REITs and also how he monitors the REITs market using this REIT Table. Alternatively you can write an email to

As explained in the Webinar, this REIT table is managed by Kenny’s son, Kai Jie. The payment for it entirely goes to Kai Jie as part-time income to compensate for his time and effort.


Have questions? Interested? Do write an email! (Handled by Kai Jie).


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