Want to know which REITs are suitable for you? Looking for a comprehensive summary of all the S-REITs in Singapore? Look no further! With a collaboration with StocksCafe, a comprehensive stocks tracking/portfolio monitoring system, the StocksCafe X Kenny Loh REIT Screener is now available here.

This REIT Screener, which is updated live on demand, contains information on all the REITs in Singapore. Information included in this screener about the REITs include:

  • Distribution information, including quarterly DPUs
  • General financial performance, such as gearing ratios, interest coverage ratio etc.
  • Debt information, including cost of debt (all-in interest costs), weighted average debt maturity, etc.
  • General Portfolio overview by geographic region
  • Price/NAV information
  • And more!


What data to expect in the screener? The following section takes a sample of data from Ascendas REIT.


Price/NAV values and history


Yield History


Gearing History

Distribution History

More information include Fundamental Ratios, Lease Information, Debt Information etc.


REITs can be compared and filtered according to their values as well.

Demonstration on what you can do with the REIT screener: Rights issue incoming? Singapore REITs which may hold a rights issue in the future



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The REITs Overview and Free Screener are free to use!

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For more sample images of the REITs screener, do take a look here:

REIT Financial Information Screen
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