Singapore REITs Bubble Charts July 2017

Bubble charts derived from July 9, 2017 Singapore REITs Fundamental Comparison Table. From the charts, it can be seen that the distribution yield for most of the big cap (represented by the big bubble size) is below 6%.  The yield of the small cap REITs also drop after playing catch up in the share price but still giving more than 7% yield.  However, we have to be very cautious in the selection as some of those REITs have declining DPU for past few quarters.


Disclaimer: The analysis is for Author own use and NOT to be used as Buy / Sell recommendation. Get a proper training on “How to use this Singapore REIT Bubble Charts?” here.

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These Bubble Charts are used to show the “relative” position compare to other Singapore REITs.

Two visual bubble charts to pick and avoid:

  1. Undervalue Singapore REITs with High Distribution Yield** (Value Pick)
  2. Overvalue Singapore REITs with High Gearing Ratio (Risk Avoidance)

** Distribution Yield are lagging.


Compared to previous Singapore REIT Bubble Charts here.



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