Singapore REIT (Óffice Sector): Still under value in general

Singapore REIT (Office Sector) is one of the under value sectors base on Price/NAV.

The distribution yield for Capitaland Commercial Trust,  Manulife US REIT, iREIT Global REIT, OUE Commercial REIT and Frasers Commercial Trust are all more than 6%.

Bubble chart derived from April 8, 2017 Singapore REITs Fundamental Comparison Table.

Under value and reasonable yield, is it safe to buy now? Keep an eye of the turnaround play for this Singapore REITs’ office sector.


Still no clue on how to use these bubble charts and interpret the critical information shown in the charts, check out “How to invest in Singapore REITs?” class here.

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  1. Ronny Sim

    Selling bit by bit on uptrend for Reits and taking profit. Feel that most have gone up too fast in a short time. Is it wrong move?

  2. John Lok

    Profit in your pocket is always right. I share your view that most reits have gone up too fast, i.e. >20% over 3 months. While such trend reflects economies have improved generally, one should look at reits more specifically. For example office reits, is the increased justified given the current state of the economy? K-reit is one such example. Its price increase is not supported by its performance recently annouced. While it is still one of the most under-valued reit, its yield has fallen from the high of close to 7% to the current 4.9%. With its low yield, I think there is limited upside in K-reit price. At the current price range of S$1.14 to S$1.16, I think it is time to take profit and look for higher yield reits. My 2 cents worth!

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