Singapore REIT Bubble Charts: Price/NAV vs Distribution Yield vs Gearing Ratio

Bubble chart derived from Aug 2 Singapore REITs Fundamental Comparison Table.

These Bubble Charts are used to show the “relative” position compare to other Singapore REITs.

Two visual bubble charts to pick and avoid:

  1. Undervalue Singapore REITs with High Distribution Yield (Value Pick)
  2. Overvalue Singapore REITs with High Gearing Ratio (Risk Avoidance)

The Singapore REIT Bubble charts are best used to visually Short List Singapore REIT only.

Singapore REIT Bubble Chart (Value) Aug8-2015Singapore REIT Bubble Chart (Risk) Aug8-2015

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Buy or Sell Recommendation. Investors are advised to speak to the Authorized brokers for any investing decision. The Author does not guarantee the accuracy of the data and presentation.

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To understand how to conduct Fundamental Analysis and Trend Analysis of Singapore REIT, check out the Singapore REIT Investing Class here.

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