Ascendes Hospitality Trust – What are the Risks?

Ascendes Hospitality Trust – Aug 6 2015

  • Last Done Price = $0.67
  • Market Cap = $747.9 M
  • NAV = $0.71
  • Price /  NAV = 0.9436 (15% Discount)
  • Price / NAV (High) = 1.31
  • Price / NAV (Low) = 0.85
  • Distribution Yield (TTM) = 7.64%
  • Gearing Ratio = 38%
  • WADM = 2.8 Years

Singapore REITs Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table

Ascendes H Trust Portfolio Oct25-2015Ascendes H Trust Distribution History Oct25-2015Ascendes H Trust WADM Oct25-2015Ascendes H Trust Debt Currency Oct25-2015


Ascendes Hospitality Trust (a-H Trust)Technical Analysis & Stock Chart

Ascendes H Trust Stock Chart Oct25-2015


Ascendes Hospitality Trust (FHT) is currently trading below 200D SMA and currently on short term rebound and facing the 20D SMA resistance. Medium term and long term trend remain down.

As Ascendes Hospitality Trust major portfolio in Australia, China & Japan, there is huge exposure to currency risks. You must also be a very good Forex trader if you want to own this A H-Trust.

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