Chartered has a nice uptrend wave with a solid Fibonacci fitting!

I am still losing money with Chartered shares. Besides waiting for the semiconnductor manufacturing recovery, the beautiful wave shown by CharteredSc tell us some story.

In addition, the stock price retraced back to 61.8% which is a solid Fibonacci retracement level. I should have bought more shares when the share price at $1.80. Frankly speaking, I was panic when it hit $1.80 and worried that whether the stock price will go lower WITHOUT looking at the chart (another lesson learnt for not analysing the chart constantly!). I am waiting for a big correction to happen before I invest this stock again. Isn’t it a good stock to monitor as the company is going to be profitable again in the next one or two quarters and the chart is showing us a very nice wave? It looks more predictable on the stock price now.

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