Fortune REIT: Under Watchlist

Fundamental Analysis of Fortune REIT:

Fortune REIT Malls Location May22-2014Fortune REIT Occupancy May22-2014Fortune REIT Trade Mix May22-2014Fortune REIT WADE May22-2014Fortune REIT WALE May22-2014

Technically Fortune REIT has started an uptrend after breaking out from a Falling Wedge and trade above the 200D SMA. 20D and 50D SMA are trending up.

2014May22-Fortune Reit HK$-800x600


Compare with other Singapore REITs, Fortune REIT is traded at the huge discount (35% to NAV). However the yield is not very attractive. There are better options with Value Pick and Risks Avoidance Singapore REITs, in terms of distribution yield and gearing ratio at the current price.

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