If You Get Burnt on Genting Singapore and Genting HK …..

Sad to see that so many peoples are slaughtered by the professional traders on Genting Singapore and Genting HK.  The professional traders are making money both ways when Genting SP & HK moves up and comes down (they are short selling the stocks!). I decide to write this post so that everyone can learn from this Genting mistakes and make it as lesson learnts. I welcome everyone to post their stories here, either a success story why and how you make money on Genting, or why and how you lose money trading these two Genting stocks. I hope all the sharing here will benefits everyone so that we don’t make the similar mistakes in future.

For those who get burnts on Genting Singapore & Genting HK. You need to find out WHY and HOW you are getting burnt. If you know the WHY and HOW, you can minimise the same mistakes in future. Please take note that I use the phrase of “minimise the mistake” but not “eliminate the mistakes”. As human being, you definitely will make the same mistakes again although you know them. I must confess here “I do make the same stupid mistakes twice” in my trading and thus lose money.

You may ask yourself the following questions on your Genting Singapore or Genting HK stock trading:

  1. Are you buying the stock at high or low? What is your trading rules? Buy Low Sell High, or Buy High Sell Higher?
  2. Are you listening to other “experts” or reading the analyst reports to make your BUY decision? Do you know those experts already set the whole thing up (they have already bought the shares long long time ago) and waiting for you to push the share price up so that they can sell high and make all the profit?
  3. Do you know that Genting is still losing money as a whole?
  4. Do you know how long Genting will take to finally breakeven their original investment?
  5. Why the President & COO of Genting Singapore selling his shares recently, if everything is so rosy?
  6. Did you see everyone is chasing the stock and cause the stock chart pattern become a parabolic curve?
  7. Do you know what will happen next after the parabolic curve chart pattern?
  8. You only hear people boosting how much money they make on Genting, do you know how many peoples out there losing money but they keep quiet? Stock market is ZERO SUM game, someone makes the money from  someone lose. Most of the cases, professional traders make tons of money from the retail investors like you and me.
  9. Do you know how frequent the analysts change BUY/SELL/HOLD recommendation and target price  in just these few months? The Genting business model and fundamental cannot change in overnight but the analyst recommendation and target price changes just in a split of seconds. They modified their assumptions and change target price to justify their assumption. Do you know what does the “assumptions” mean? Assumption means “Using Personal Opinion with some numbers”.  You can become your own analyst too if you know how to make assumptions.
  10. What mentality you have when you buy these stocks? Are you telling yourself “I sure make money because Genting will go up to $3.00 because X analysts said that”, or asking yourself “When should I cut loss if Genting falls?” Will the result be different when you change your mindset and the way you ask the questions to yourself? You need to know that there are two different mindsets in stock trading, ie. defensive and offensive.

I welcome to see different comments from everyone. Together we learn!


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  1. Kenny

    Damn angry with the analysts. They are so flicker minded and really looks like a clown, manipulating the stock price. When Genting price goes up, everyone upgrade. When the price goes down, they either downgrade or hold. I also know how to do that! Sick! 👿

  2. CP

    I took my profits right at the beginning of the rally, after holding it for some months. Somewhat regretted it when the rally continued, but managed to stay away – despite the analysts falling over themselves with almost daily upgrades. All but one was gushing about how profitable the Singapore gaming industry was going to be. Now that the stocks are tanking, we are beginning to see the naysayers coming out of the woodwork. If anything, this whole episode has taught me to always read analyst reports with a large dose of salt and go with you own fundamental analysis. This will allow us to form our own views and stick with it until the “hoo-ha” dies down. Then we go in for the kill…. 😉

  3. Ghost88

    You can never trust TPs made by analyst, they are purely predictions made from retrospective observations, and observations are subjective.

    Nevertheless, they are good at (1)compiling company’s information for you and (2) influence herd movement (better at fear mongering though). If you can exploit point (2), you can make some good money out of it, provided you can extract yourself from the herd in the first place.

    Lastly, humans are never good in numbers. To value a number, we often have to attach an entity to it (a car? a house?). That’s why alot of people are losing money. So invest in stocks only if you have the holding power, for you wont need to worry about analyst, TPs or herd movement (of course needless to say, this only applies to buying good company stocks).

  4. Nebula

    Yes, the warning sign are all there, chart will not lie, even though I just started to look at chart 2mths ago & will continue to learn…I tumbled onto your post just 1 week ago & convinced it’s time to sell & parked my money at other counter which will pay dividend soon…

    Many people got burnt, but I hope at least they breakeven as I am sure they have made some while enjoying the ride up. Let them learn, because they learn better when they made mistake. I learnt it at last slide.

    The bad side effect is I believe, many other unrelated counters will slide as people who were burnt by Genting will try to sell to raise some cash etc….

  5. Nebula

    …and perhaps, they sell other counters to get ready to buy Genting again…

    The question now is how low will it go…

  6. MK

    I used to ask myself, how come Analyst A recommend/upgrade Co XYZ, Analyst B, C, D…..from other broking firm will do so.
    Whats wrong will the Co. or broking firms?
    When I saw Genting SG & Gengting HK go up and up again, I told my family not to chase because they got burnt by Jade Tech before, I told them not wiseable to repeat the mistake.
    I belief most of the retail investors like you & me like to follow trend, we must always remind ourselves, never never envy on someone’s profit for the hot stock!

  7. SG

    I am a newbie in trading (less than a year) but there are a few points that I keep learning. Have learnt much from reading this as well as other blogs where they emphasize on psychology and money management.

    How much are you prepared to lose and where is your stop loss?
    If some of those who lost money have set a stop loss (5-8% for me), they might have saved more of their capital.
    Some set stop-loss but keep adjusting them to avoid taking the loss hoping that it will turn around leading to greater losses.

    PS: I exited Genting @1.58 and was heart-broken when it keeps going up. But I don’t have the courage to re-enter.

  8. Stewrt

    Ignore all the noise and play according to price movement is the safer way to play this stock. Today is trading at 20dMA resistance level and whoever win will dictate the future direction.

    True that from business perspective that if the chairman dumped the stock then it is better for us as retailer to just follow.

  9. uncle

    Hi Marubozu & the rest,

    Did you all short at 26 Sept when the parabolic curve appeared ? If not why ?

  10. Marubozu

    Uncle, I did not short but those pro traders do. Parabolic curve appears for quite sometimes and they are just waiting for the right time to strike.

    Today rebound looks like short covering.

  11. Matt


    Sad to say I missed selling at the peak – if I were to sell now, I would made 30% lesser!

    I believe in Genting because:
    1 A casino do not loose money.
    2 They have yet to have the junkie license approve – only a matter of time.
    3 Their Battlestar has yet to reopen

    4 These people that runs the Genting – they are experience from Genting Msia – in how to run it…
    5 Look at other things around the casino – the shows, the UStudio etc…

    I think these three factors may cause it to jerk up another round…

    I think in the long run, (from 0.30 to 0.85 to 1.20 to ..) it will be OK.. but now for the short term, may fall as you mention – the rise is too steep.

    If u play Genting – you must be prepared to be an “investor”!

    I must say that I think compared to other lower price stocks, Genting has more fundamentals than them…

    Juz my 2 cents worth… for fun only

  12. wklee

    you are right. the G13 is still high with great influence from the institutional buyer. the management recently disposed some of their holding. Their action is very doubtful for the Q3 result? Please help to check on the Q3 result. Thanks

  13. The Journalist


    Sorry to comment so late. Both Genting counters have been attracting huge loads of attention recently but they’re not alone. Most of the gaming stocks like SJM and LVS have been rallying alot recently.

    Genting Singapore’s rise was mainly attributed to the quarter results followed by a sudden surge in speculators who are just too afraid to “miss the boat”. As for Genting HK, hmm, a big question marks still looms as to why it rallied. The result isn’t fantastic.

    Being a trader myself and having a system of my own, I’ve sold my Genting Singapore shares at $1.49. I didn’t ride the wave up and maximize my profits. But following your own trading system does allow you to minimize the chances of being slaughtered. On hindsight, I would have made more if I held it longer, but not taking the risk of losing my profits back will prove to be correct in the longer run.


  14. wklee

    hi guys,
    does anyone have any news of the Q3 results for Genting Singapore?

  15. Ken

    you are right, genting singapore is still one of the most expensive casino stock in the world, with market capitalisation at S$20million. Even Las Vegas Sands, which runs Marina Bays Sands, is worth only USD$30 billion by market capitalisation, but hey, las vegas sands not only runs casino in singapore, they are also major players in las vegas and macau and their casino in singapore is doing a way better job than genting singapore. So, ask yourself, is genting singapore worth buying?

  16. Andrew Tan

    Genting SP and Genting HK are making hugh profits
    but their share prices seem to moving south?

    Is it not a strange phenomena?

  17. Marubozu

    This kind of phenomena always happen in the stock market. The stock can still go down if the company is making money and vice versa. If the company is making money, the market can still say “it is not good enough” and send the stock price down. Stock market is an emotional place but not a logical place.

  18. Emo

    To go or not to go in to make purchases ? is it too late ? or should have when at S$1.50. how healthy will this upward trend be ?

  19. Marubozu

    Sorry Emo, I am not a broker and cannot make any buy or sell call recommendation. You have to analyse the chart and make your own conclusion. Everyone look at chart differently and everyone has their own view and time frame.

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