IndoAgri: Trading in a Down Trend Channel

Indo is currently trading in a Down Trend Channel and rebound down from the channel resistance. Base on the chart, IndoAgri probably heads towards $1.00 the next support.

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  1. mechanicNic

    Hi Maz

    which CFD broker are u using now to shortsell which u think it is good? I was looking around pure DMA who can provide me the (stop loss) order? Can you advise, pls



  2. Marubozu

    Hi MechanioNic,
    I am currently using CityIndex. I am not able to comment whether this CFD broker is good or bad because it depends very much on each individual needs.

    What I like about this CityIndex:
    (1) Easy to use trading platform (with stop loss and limit order)
    (2) Low commission. $10 flat per trade.
    (3) Responsive to customer inquiry and Fund Transfer.

    What I don’t like:
    (1) Limited Short Selling counters. I encounter many times they run out of scrip when I spotted excellent short selling opportunities.


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