Keppel REIT: Starts Down Trend!

Keppel REIT broke down from the Rectangle (a consolidation pattern for close to 8 months) and starts down trend. This is not unexpected due to the high gearing ratio which is very sensitive to interest rate hike.

Keppel REIT June10-2015

Base on previous chart pattern, 20D SMA is a reliable resistance when Keppel REIT is on down trend. So, it is a good opportunity to short when there is a dead cat bounce back to 20D SMA resistance.

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Keppel REIT Fundamental Data

  • Last Done Price = $1.14
  • NAV = $1.39
  • Price / NAV = 0.82
  • Price / NAV (High) = 1.13
  • Price /NAV (Low) = 0.80
  • Gearing Ratio = 42.4%
  • Distribution Yield = 5.965%

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