Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT): Under Watchlist & Entry Planning

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Base on the Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) Investor Presentation on Mar 11, 2016.

  • Last Done Price = $1.60
  • Market Cap = $2.88 B
  • NAV = $1.33
  • Price /  NAV = 1.2030 (20% Premium)
  • Price / NAV (High) = 1.46
  • Price / NAV (Low) = 1.13
  • Gearing Ratio = 29.3%
  • Occupancy Rate = 94.7%
  • WALE = 2.9 Years
  • WADM = 4.2 Years

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Mapletree Industrial Trust Structure June28-2015MIT Portfolio Location Mar25-2016

MIT DPU Growth Mar25-2016MIT Occupancy Mar25-2016MIT Occupancy by segment Mar25-2016MIT Diversification by sector Mar25-2016 MIT Diversification Mar25-2016MIT WALE Mar25-2016MIT WADM Mar25-2016



Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) Stock Chart and Technical Analysis

Mapletree Ind REIT Mar25-2016


Yield and Price/NAV Simulation for Entry Planning

MIT Yield and Price NAV simulation Mar 25-2016


I am combining Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Yield & Price/NAV simulation to determine a safe entry on my REIT investing to Maximize the Return, Protect Initial Capital and Minimize Losses if the market turns bearish. I will be sharing my REIT investing analysis techniques in my course. Check out the Investing in Singapore REIT course here.

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