SPH REIT IPO Listing: Balloting & Allocation Result

SPH REIT IPO Listing Balloting Result1SPH REIT IPO Listing Placement Result1



See SPH REIT Balloting and Allocation official announcement here.

See last analysis on SPH REIT here.

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  1. Phyllis

    Being a SPH shareholder who applied for 20,000 units and not being allocated any single unit of SPH REIT ! The fact that first day trading price is approx 10% higher means minority shareholders of SPH loss out.

  2. Marubozu

    I am frustrated too! Get nothing through placement tranch and applying through ATM…
    Very surprised I can’t even get a single lot through my broker!

  3. Marubozu

    Opening price = $0.98.

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