Suntec REIT: Still Attractive to Chase the Price?

Suntec REIT has been running strong lately (a whopping 16% gain since the the recent low in Dec 2013) but currently facing a resistance at about $1.74.

2014April17- SuntecReit-800x600

So, is it good to chase Suntec REIT at the current price? Let’s look at the Fundamental Analysis of Suntec REIT:

  • Last Price = $1.735
  • NAV = $2.108
  • Price / NAV = 0.823
  • Distribution Yield = 5.907%
  • Gearing Ratio = 38%
  • WADE = 2.44 Years

Suntec REIT WADE April17-2014Suntec REIT Office Lease April17-2014 Suntec REIT Retail Lease April17-2014

Compare with other Singapore REITs, there are better options with Better Value and Lower Risks Singapore REITs, in terms of distribution yield and gearing ratio at the current price.


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