Technics Oil & Gas – A Good Entry Level

Current Technic Gas & Oil stock price looks like a good entry level both technically and fundamentally.

Technical Analysis 

  • The stock price broke out from a Falling Wedge with a price target of $0.63.
  • The stock price came back to test the Falling Wedge previous resistance and rebounded from this resistance turned support level.
  • Since then, the stock moves above 20D, 50D and 200D MA and stay above 78.6% FR support.
  • A “higher high, higher low” up trend chart pattern is observed. 

Fundamental Analysis (Base on latest quarter financial performance) 

  • Increasing Net Operating Cash Flow
  • Dividend about 4.8% (base on $0.57 stock price)
  • ROA = 14.9 (Annualised)
  • ROE = 32.1 (Annualised)
  • Order Book stands at $82 million.
  • Management expect better FY2010 than FY2009 base on current order book and project schedule.
  • Company shares buy back recently between $0.565 and $0.57 these few days.
  • PE = 12.89 (base on $0.57 stock price) versue 2008 PE of 20.6 and 2007 PE of 26.4

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  1. Dou

    Poor hosting company. I suggest u should say out their name and caution every bloggers.

    I thou hosting company will back up one?

  2. Marubozu

    The hosting company cannot be contacted at all!

    A big lesson learnt to me!

    Dou, you better back up all your data with your own hard disk also. Don't depends on the hosting company.

  3. Marubozu

    Bingo! Technics Oil and Gas hit target price of $0.63 after breakout from falling wedge!

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