Yangzijiang: Bull is Getting Ready!

Yangzijiang has found the bottom and break the down trend pattern. The stock chart is showing “higher high, higher low” uptrend pattern, indicates the end of the uptrend for Yangzijiang. On the weekly chart, YZJ 2W MA, 4W MA is going to cross up 12W MA after forming a Morning Star on end Sept. Watch this $1.00 resistance closely! The Bull will be back when this $1.00 resistance is broken with huge trading volume.

Yangzijiang is also showing nice earning in the recent announcement.

Find YZJ fundamental here.


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  1. Marubozu

    Bull is killed for Yangzijiang although the stock is undervalue.

    YZJ is closing in the $0.885 support. Breaking this support will trigger the bear to push the stock further down!

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